A few ideas for Sunday

  • Not sure why I keep thinking this but I think lining up James Starks essentially as a WR out wide a couple times might pose a bit of a matchup issue for Seattle. If he could catch a few short passes lined up like this I like his chances after he gets past their first line of defense (the D-Line). I know the entire Seattle D is quite good at tackling but Starks is quite a bit harder to tackle when he has some extra body momentum – as he does when catching passes.
  • At the same time and for similar reasons, I think MM should be working on a few screen pass plays for Lacy. Seattle’s D is so aggressive and that pass rush is often so aggressive that a few well-executed screens might really make the D Line and LBs think twice before just blindly bull rushing up field.
  • I want to see Randall Cobb throw a pass. I know our offense doesn’t necessarily need to resort to trick plays as it’s already good enough, even with Rodgers injured, to take down Seattle. But one way to really throw this particular defense for a loop (and instill instant fear in an otherwise fearless D) could be a well-designed option pass for Cobb. Line him up in the backfield and let him decide to run or throw after getting the ball. Or do what Brady-Edelman did against Balt (lateral pass behindĀ  the line – easy TD pass from Edelman).
  • While there will be those who say “no trick plays – too risky” (which to some extent, is true), letting Cobb do it makes it much less risky because he’s such a smart player. But the real reason I suggest this particular kind of play against this particular team is that the Seattle secondary takes (way too much) pride in diagnosing plays instantly. Sherman, Chancellor – all of them talk about recognizing and anticipating plays before they happen. And just watching them you can see how confident they are in their diagnoses because they make quick, decisive moves based on their diagnoses. Well, play action passes, screens, option pass plays, delayed hand-offs – these are the kinds of plays that force defenders to at least pause a moment before being able to diagnose a play – so why not give them a try.
  • And if the Pack really wants to show it’s not afraid of this D, they would line up Kuhn and Cobb in the backfield and let Cobb chuck it on the very first play of the game. Would be awesome to see a stunned, quiet 12th man trying to absorb the fact that Jordy or Adams has just caught an 80 TD pass because their defense reacted too quickly!

2 Responses to “A few ideas for Sunday”

  1. Dave K Says:

    I am starting to have some good feelings about this game. I started the week thinking there was just no way the Packers would go into Seattle with a less then 100% Rodgers and get a win. I have a bit of optimism now. I think the Packer’s will really be loose for this game. They are expected to lose. They are playing with house money at this point. That frees up Capers and MM to be more creative and take more chances.

    Here is what gives me hope:

    1. Seattle defense is good but not as good as everything thinks right now. Yards can be had on them. Carolina certainly did. They haven’t faced a really good QB in months. They play fast and physical and are loaded with talent on every level but the Packers have the talent and a smart enough coaching staff to find ways to move the sticks. Rodgers will have to be marginally healthy but sometimes a change like this forces a team to play differently and the defense is just not sure how to adjust for awhile.

    2. I haven’t been impressed with Seattle’s offense this season. Wilson is a great decision maker and does a bunch with his athleticism but they certainly have not been consistent and at times this year look like they are waiting for a short field or a turnover to help them out. Wilson will make some plays but I trust our CB’s to cover their WR’s and TE’s man-up allowing Burnett to roll into the box to shut down Lynch and Wilson. Matthews will have to have a bat-shit crazy afternoon chasing and containing Wilson. He is due.

    3. Eddie Lacy and the offensive line. They ran against Detroit. They can run against Seattle. Lacy runs best north and south and that is the best way to attack Seattle’s run defense. Let’s get the offensive line angry and hit these over-confident Seahawks in the mouth for a quarter. Give those undersized LB’s a taste of a steamrolling Lacy and slow their roll. Play to the whistle. Play nasty. Look for people to hit.

    I think a low scoring game favors the Packers. Field position and special teams will be important. Stay close. Wear them down, get the crowd subdued, and scratch and claw some points. Let the defense get a turnover or short field for you and take advantage of all opportunities. Defense will have to play great. Offense will have to be mistake free. Special teams will need to help flip field position. The pressure is on them. Make them feel it for 60 minutes.

  2. RayMidge Says:

    I am starting to think that the story of the game will be the Green Bay offensive line. It is unfathomable to most people right now that the Seattle D can be dictated to; I think GB will do it.

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