Good article featuring Richard Sherman


Read here from Robert Klemko has an interesting look into life with Richard Sherman – while Sherman is watching the Packers/Cowboys game. Fun read.

I have struggled to form a solid opinion on Richard Sherman. In my last post I called him a “moron” but as I wrote that I was mostly thinking about how he acts on the field – so incredibly cocky and obnoxious. I think he should be flagged for taunting more than he is and I’m generally not someone who likes arrogant self-promoters. At the same time, he is actually really, really good at what he does and I respect that. And he isn’t your average blowhard because he can be a fairly thoughtful dude. Combine that thoughtfulness with the fact that Sherman is often in the mode of saying whatever he thinks without filter, and it’s not surprising he is a media favorite.

In this article, his take on Rodgers is interesting – and dead on. But his candid and clear respect for Rodgers along with his willingness to go public with that respect 5 days before the NFC Championship game, makes me have just a tiny bit more respect for him. And it also emboldens me as I start to think about making a prediction for this game – as I detect a slight fear from an otherwise fearless guy, about the possibility of Rodgers coming in and lighting up the vaunted Seattle D.

2 Responses to “Good article featuring Richard Sherman”

  1. Dave In Tucson Says:

    Seahawks have faced a lot of low-scoring offenses since their loss to the Cowboys, including a bunch of teams staring their second or third QB of the season.

    I think if Rodgers was 100%, the Packers would have a real solid chance to win on Sunday. And even now, if the offense can take care of the ball (no ints or lost fumbles) and if Rodgers can play like he did for the last 20 minutes or so against the Cowboys, if the defense can at least slow down Lynch and Wilson running the ball, if the special teams don’t make any mistakes… well, a lot of ifs, to be sure.

    Just hoping it’s a watchable game through to the end at this point, and the Packers at least give the Seahawks a run for their money.

    • awhayes Says:

      I agree Dave – while I know the Seattle D is good, I don’t think they are as good as they were last year. The loss of Browner hurts and I think you’re right – they haven’t faced a team with an elite QB and quality running game for a while.

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