Great read on Packers O-Line


Read here for a great article on the Packers offensive line.

Credit friend and original Packergeek Mike L for bringing this up a few days ago: but the Packers offensive line definitely has not gotten the credit it deserves this year. The run blocking has been at least decent (definitely better than in the past) and the pass blocking has been extraordinary. Rodgers was only sacked 28 times this year – among the fewest in the NFL – which is crazy considering both his frequent movement in/out of the pocket and especially considering how many more times he’s been sacked in previous years. I remember earlier this year McCarthy/Campen were messing with the configuration of the O-Line and it made me nervous. Sitting here just before a playoff game now 16 games later, they just plain deserve credit for setting up the right combination.

There have been games when this line has played so well it’s been shocking. I can’t remember which game it was in particular but I remember one when Rodgers was having so much time to throw that he actually starting getting jumpy like he used to when he was a rookie. I think he just couldn’t believe he was having that much time to throw and it actually made him nervous. Well, of course, he’s not gotten used to it and it’s been a huge reason why he’s had an MVP season and our offense continues to be so difficult to stop.

One specific thing this line seems to be doing in pass protection that stands out to me – has been that they are finishing plays. It’s almost as though, after a number of years of playing in front of Rodgers, they finally realize that Rodgers is at his best when he is improvising and moving about behind the line of scrimmage. So this line has learned that the play is definitely not over until it’s over – there is no taking a break back there even if you’ve pancaked your guy. There are still other guys running around as Rodgers may be in second 7 of extending a play. So it’s not surprising to read the above article and learn that the guys really are in it for each other – and helping each other out – because it’s quite evident.


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