Game Thoughts Packers/Lions

  • Relieved that Rodgers was able to come back in for this game. With Flynn in there it’s just a different game. Rodgers barely able to move (like Lynn Dickey of days past) is better than Flynn feeling great. The team showed some heart today by coming ready to play and taking down a Lions team that came to play.
  • Rodgers is a fantastic QB. After the injury he not only had the great rushing TD (and a super smart play call) but he also had a number of key, trademark Rodgers’ bullets for big-time completions. He only missed 5 passes on the day.
  • The defense came to play. Detroit is a good team and they played quite well today – playing to their offensive strengths. But the Packers D came to play once again. Dom Capers knew what was coming today. The defensive players had some issues with execution but the game plan was solid and Detroit had a few Detroitesque plays that cost them dearly (especially Bell’s fumble).
  • Lacy was interesting today. He had a number of his awesome bullish runs but his vision today was off. There were at least 4-5 plays where he made cuts that were just plain the wrong ones. It was odd. He was still very effective and continues to be a key piece to this offense but I’m guessing after this game he’ll be frustrated that he missed those cuts and fumbled.
  • Morgan Burnett had a nice fumble recovery and was second in tackles (with 6 total – behind Barrington’s 7), but he wasn’t the force he’s been. There were two plays where he seemed to shy away from contact or something which seemed very odd considering how aggressive and effective he’s been in recent weeks. Strong play from Burnett could be the difference between an OK run in the playoffs and a big-time run.
  • Tramon had a nice fumble recovery at the end of the game but he otherwise wasn’t as good as he can be. (I’m speaking mostly of some poor open field tackling opportunities and weak coverage on a few passes to Calvin – though Calvin did only have 4 total receptions…)
  • Hawk played too much in the first half. He is a liability out there. Teams go right at him – it’s hard to believe Capers doesn’t notice that on tape.
  • Tim Masthay has been solid for most of the season but has struggled recently. Today he was just plain bad. He had a few good chances to affect the game and he didn’t capitalize on any of them. He needs to do better.
  • Crosby’s miss was bad. It wasn’t totally his fault because we should have never kicked that in the first place – but the kick itself was a bad one. He needs to be better.
  • Suh definitely stepped on Rodgers intentionally and that was dirty. Reggie Bush also grabbed Hayward’s facemask on that one play when Hayward flew into the heater – that Detroit then went down and scored. That was a bad no call.
  • Jordy had some really huge plays for us. There was a play early in the first half where he caught the ball on a 3rd down and the second he hit the grounds pivoted and juked the defender. If he gets tackled there and the out-of-it Masthay has to punt that could have been a real problem. He is an elite WR in this league.
  • Richard Rodgers though gets my MVP today. He had a few huge catches including that third down one with the defender in his face. He was very strong today. While he is incredibly slow I think he is like one of those great rebounders who can clear out huge space around him because of his size/strength. He does that in the passing game and while it requires super accurate passing from Aaron Rodgers, he has good hands and is tough to bring down. He could end up being a bigger weapon going forward than we all realize. He’s already better than Quarless.
  • The Packers need to spend LOTS of time during their week off here on red zone offense. Right now they have very obvious running plays up the middle or slant passes to Cobb…and that’s it. While Cobb caught two of them today – we can’t keep relying on that. There are no other viable plays right now. We need fade routes, passes to Kuhn (not incredibly obvious run plays to him), passes to Richard Rodgers or even an offensive lineman. We need much greater variety. Importantly, when we have the ball at the 15 yard line or 20 or 25 yardlines, we need to take deep shots into the end zone. We did that more earlier in the year and it worked well. We need to get back to that.
  • The Packers gutted this one out – a great overall performance against a good team in a really important game. Unfortunately, they will need to do more in the playoffs if they want to advance. This kind of effort likely won’t be enough against a Seattle team or possibly even the Cowboys or Pats…
  • But I’m pleased with a first round bye as I think Rodgers really needs the extra time to recover.  On to the 2nd round of the playoffs – nicely done fellas!

2 Responses to “Game Thoughts Packers/Lions”

  1. RayMidge Says:

    Very satisfying win.

    This team has a chance to go all the way because they have a lot of different ways to beat you. Run game was great, defense is very agressive without committing dumb penalties. Let”s just hope Rodgers is healthy.

  2. Frank G Says:

    Congrats on nailing the Packers’ margin of victory.

    Defense still has me worried. GB needs to dominate a hobbled o-line like the one Detroit fielded today. Also, Romo, Wilson et al won’t be misfiring as much as Stafford did on Sunday. Still, the D has improved over the course of the season, and that gives us a good chance to go all the way.

    Yeah, Seattle is very good and has gone on a roll, but upon further examination, that roll has come against some awfully limited offenses (Az, SF twice, Philly with Sanchez, and StL with whats-his-name at QB). They can be had, I believe. Dallas’ defense scares absolutely no one, and let’s see how that offense handles a frigid day in GB.

    Our 0-line is the key. If they can protect AR as well as they have, AND give Lacy enough room to bludgeon the defense like he did against an excellent Detroit unit, GB will be unstoppable.

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