Game Thoughts Packers/Bills

  • The Packers played horribly today. This team was not ready to play today. From the start of this game it was as though the Packers thought they were heading into an away game against a team that hadn’t lost in 5 years. Way too much respect for the Bills and a defense that is very good, but not as good as our offense. We played down to this team and lost because of it. Yes Rodgers was bad but the WRs were bad and at times our O-Line was really bad – nobody seemed ready for this game (except for Cobb and Lacy).
  • This was the worst game I’ve seen Rodgers play in a long time, if not in his career. Just horrible. There are some games when it seems like he is almost resigned from the start to the belief that the other team’s D will be too difficult to figure out. Fortunately, this almost never happens anymore and this terrible game won’t shake my opinion that Rodgers is the best QB in the game and may someday go down as the best of all-time. But this was very similar to his approach, attitude and performance against Seattle in Game 1. It’s almost like he’s intimidated because of what he knows about an opposing defense, when with his immense talent, he should ALWAYS be the one who does the intimidating.
  • We were badly outcoached in this game. McCarthy didn’t get things going on offense like he needed to. The game plan was not good. Not enough different guys were involved. Lacy, Jordy and Cobb were all involved but hardly anyone else. Sometimes, it’s helpful just to complete a pass to Kuhn or let Starks have a few extra carries simply so that a defense has to think “oh yeah, they have that guy too”. Today, they were able to cram passing lanes and focus on Cobb, Nelson and Lacy – and that didn’t work out – especially with Rodgers playing so poorly.
  • This was the worst officiating I’ve seen this year against the Packers and really in a long time overall. From not stopping the clock for us, to not calling penalties for us, to calling heinous penalties against us. McCarthy had every right to be angry over on the sidelines today. More than anything, the timing of the bad calls (or no calls) was huge. On another day with a different officiating crew, I think this game would have evolved quite differently.
  • One of the worst no calls was when the announcers went on and on about Woods sideline catch after he threw Shields out of the way. That was one of the most classic offensive PI plays you’ll see and nothing was called. But Boykins was interfered with big-time on that missed 3rd down try, Cobb was on several others and Jordy was on one as well. Those that read this blog know I don’t like to make it a habit to whine about the officiating unless it is consistently bad and unless it has a significant impact on the game. It sure did today.
  • The defense played OK and really did keep us in the game today. Against a better team with this officiating and our horrible offense, we should have lost by 3 TDs. But they hung in there and made a number of really good plays today. That said, when Hawk was in there he was a problem. It is not a coincidence that with the exception of the 2nd half vs Atlanta, the defense has played well over the last few games when Hawk hasn’t been playing much. So I’m not sure what made Capers put in back in there a bunch today. I honestly believe that opposing offenses see him run onto the field and the opposing OC just calls run plays or short pass plays over the middle. Yes Barrington had a bone-headed and costly penalty but he also had a ton of tackle and a few big hits.
  • We really missed the presence of a good TE today. I don’t know why I keep thinking that but I just have this feeling that had Finley been in there, Rodgers would have turned it around and the Packers would have won. Against better defenses, us primarily using just 2 WRs and a RB does not constitute a diverse enough selection of play calls to make it super difficult. We needed to get Kuhn into the passing game, and Starks and Adams. But Adams in particular seemed zoned out once again. He is starting to be an all or nothing kind of player. I know he’s just a rookie but I do feel like against better teams, we will really need a solid #3 pass target and we haven’t had anyone really step up and be consistent force there (again – like Finley would be).
  • This loss hurts a lot. We were all thinking about home field etc. Tough to get that now. And, of course, the season is not over and we have some difficult games left – including next week in Tampa against Lovie and a similar defense. While I think the coaching staff needs to be criticized a lot for this one and the players as well, I would prefer that the team tries to move on quickly from this loss. Looking at the film will be helpful because Tampa’s D will play similarly (rushing 4 and dropping a bunch of guys into coverage clogging the passing lanes), but after an honest assessment of what went wrong today I really think we need to push this game out of our minds quickly and start game-planning for Tampa asap. We need to make sure we’re ready and focused to play the next game and importantly, we need to work much harder on getting more offensive players involved against this kind of defense. Outside of Jordy and Cobb hardly anyone else caught a pass today and that is what happens when our offense gets shut down. We HAVE to work other guys in. Truth is, we should beat Tampa by 5 TDs if we get back to the true essence of who this team is.
  • As ridiculous as this may sound, it’s possible a loss here could ultimately be helpful to the team. We had won a bunch of games in a row and had been playing tough football for the most part, maybe this game will serve as a bit of extra motivation to start a long winning streak that takes us deep into the playoffs. Frankly, despite being super frustrated by the team today, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is exactly what happens.
  • Your Thoughts?

16 Responses to “Game Thoughts Packers/Bills”

  1. Jason Says:

    It all depends on if this team is more like the 2011 or 2010 Packers on what they do with this loss.

  2. AZPackFan Says:

    Performances like this one make us wonder what to expect. I am expecting a win in Tampa and that is all for now. Hopefully this made these guys realize that they aren’t the greatest team ever assembled and that they have to WORK for each win.

  3. kaiax33 Says:

    Great points as usual. Any given Sunday. Bills were up for this one and we took it for an automatic W. Let’s focus on Lovie and Tampa Bay. also pulling for the Vikes today.

  4. Winston the Dog Says:

    Are we relaxed enough yet?

    When the refs aren’t calling interference, the receivers are dropping passes. When the receivers are catching, Aaron is throwing it away. When everything is clicking, the front line gets creative.

    This was an embarrassment. We clearly needed our ass kicked. Anything to get rid of the sense of entitlement.

  5. Winston the Dog Says:

    There are days when the football gods just laugh at you. Some of that happened today. Most of it was cocky nonsense. The kind of cocky nonsense that allows you to forget the basics, like: First catch the ball, then run.

    There is a story about Earl Weaver making his greatest four pitchers: Cuellar, McNally, Palmer and Whathisname, go through bunting drills in Spring Training. Cy Young winner Palmer said: “I’ve been here 5 years. What?”

    Earl Weaver told him, “Shut the hell up and do your job.”

    Weaver knew that in a game the basics are the first to go.

  6. Schaefer Says:

    spot on Hayes. I hate to criticize the officials because usually bad ones make bad calls both ways, so I put the loss squarely on Rodgers and the WRs. I can’t even believe had poorly they played.

  7. Frank G Says:

    Special Teams were terrible. Too many breakdowns lately.

    Rodgers and the receivers (#87, who are you, and what have you done with Jordy Nelson?) were awful today. This is so out of character for these players that we can take hope in the notion that it was simply an aberration.

    However, I am concerned with how the offense goes into a shell when it faces a smash mouth, rough and tumble defense (Hello, Seattle!). Instead of attacking (pass protection was more than decent today) by throwing the ball downfield, the Packers play right into the hands of their opponents and try to dink and dunk their way down the field. To echo a point you’ve made above, the Packers have got to stop worrying about what the defense is going to do to them, and make the defense worry about what the Packers will do to them.

    Home field advantage is our only hope for making it to the Super Bowl. The Packers are great at home, but eminently beatable on the road. By letting a surging Seattle team pull even with them, I’m afraid we’ve lost a great opportunity.

    • Winston the Dog Says:

      Don’t believe it for a minute.

      Got pretty disheartened today when I realized the show was not going to go through Green Bay.

      In 2010: Wild Card: 21-16 AT Philadelphia; 48-21 AT Atlanta; 21-14 AT Chicago. Super Bowl 31-25, IN Arlington, TX.

      Not a game in Lambeau.

      The Packers’ problems are not geographical.

      • Frank G Says:

        Winston, that was a GB team that packed along a good defense when it traveled (2nd in points allowed in ’10). The recent vintages have shown that they can surrender a bunch of points–they are not nearly as consistent or good as the group that posed with the Lombardi Trophy after the 2010 season.

        The disparity in play between home and road games this year is startling, especially with the offense. Barring a surprise upset or injury to Russell Wilson, the Seahawks are going to be very difficult to beat on their turf. They are much stronger than the teams the Pack beat to make it to Dallas 4 years ago.

    • awhayes Says:

      Good points Frank – especially re the smash mouth style of defense. It’s almost like we prefer a finesse style that requires perfect execution in order to beat the brutish styles of teams like Seattle, SF, Buff, or even Detroit lately.

  8. Winston the Dog Says:

    I’m not taking my moderation lightly, Hayes. If I’m not dis-moderated soon, I’m going to the Weekly Standard. You heard me.

  9. Winston the Dog Says:

    The game really felt like an extension of the second half against the Falcons.

    They know Schwartz from Detroit. They know he’s low life.

    They didn’t come suited up. And so when a defender grabs their jersey…

    Probably an unwinnable argument. When Pease comes into your house and Barrington gets flagged….

    Hostile officials.

    Expect it for the rest of the season or stay home.

  10. Winston the Dog Says:

    The rest of the league just got their blueprint. Rodgers is going to beat your blitz 3/4 of the time. Every playoff team looks like Buffalo’s front four. If our only answer is Lacy, it’s one and out.

    It’s like there were no halftime adjustments in this game–aside from letting Cobb run.

    There was no option to our option. Rodgers looked completely confused or intimidated by his own reads. Runners were running INTO 3 coverage.

    Sorry. This was just painful.

  11. Winston the Dog Says:

    Thanks, Hayes, for putting this up here. I know about this site because I follow your brother. What you are doing is much more important to man, mankind, the present culture and future cultures to come.

    Believers! This week: Gave an 8 year old girl who is deaf, who’s mother works with my girlfriend, DVDs of HBO’s “Lombardi” and Super Bowl XLV. She is crazy about the Packers.

    No one knows why. Her parents don’t care about football but she never misses a game.

  12. footballrulz Says:

    This just absolutely sucked. Hope Atlanta did not lay out the blueprint on the second half last week. Hopefully a wake up call

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