Unreal play by Jordy!


Wow. After being frustrated all game to pull that kind of play of is just fantastic. Revis has been very difficult to beat today but this is the kind of play that shows why Jordy has arrived as an elite WR. Just awesome.

Just a huge play at a huge moment. Especially after that poorly timed timeout call.

2 Responses to “Unreal play by Jordy!”

  1. Frank G Says:

    Outstanding! How did he not fumble that at the end?

    Packers took a punch in the face…and punched ’em right back!

  2. AZPackFan Says:

    I loathe the fact that the Pats get the ball first in the 2nd half. Hopefully Capers figures out how to stop them. I noticed that shit is falling apart since Shields went down.

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