Packers/Dolphins Preview

  • The Packers are well-rested, have momentum and are playing an iffy team. This should be a comfortable victory.
  • But there are a few reasons why this may not happen.
  • While much of the focus for this game appears to center on Philbin’s knowledge of Rodgers and the offense and whether that will be an advantage of some kind, my concern is a bit different. I think Philbin had a few years to gain a sense for Dom Capers defenses and the Packers defensive personnel. In other words, I think he knows full well that it is a defense that can be attacked and torn apart with an effective offensive game plan. I also think he knows, for example, that Hawk is a liability and that the middle of the defense should be exploited. I can see him running Lamar Miller (and Moreno if he plays) up through the middle a bunch and lots of passes to TE Clay. While I think our CBs line up well against Brian Hartline and Mike Wallace, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tannehill have a good game.
  • Miami is 5th in rushing yards per game but toward the bottom in passing offense. Tannehill has not had that good of a year. But I think instead of us going into this game expecting a crappy passing offense, we should be worried about a quality passing game that has been underperforming. I think Tannehill is good and will get better as the year goes on.
  • Miami’s defense is 6th overall in terms of fewest yards allowed per game. Miami’s pass defense is 3rd in fewest yards allowed and 8th in run defense. This is a quality defense and it will take a good game plan to unlock it. I think it can happen and I think the offense will do just fine especially once Lacy gets going – it’s our defense I’m more concerned about.
  • One thing I’d really like to see is getting more WRs/TEs/RBs involved in the passing game. We need to distribute the ball to more players each game so that there isn’t so much focus on Nelson, Cobb and Lacy. (Interesting that I just came across an article talking about Jermichael Finley likely making the move to cash in his $10M insurance policy).
  • This will be a good game – better than people might expect – for 3 quarters. I expect the Packers to pull away in the 4th quarter.
  • Packers 34, Dolphins 24.

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