Packers offense playing well today


McCarthy mixing in nice play calls, Rodgers finally looks like himself and the creativity is there. I like what I see. My only concern right now is that this is a close game – meaning the offense likely has to continue playing…perfectly. It’s possible but unless the defense can make something happen I remain concerned.

Nice catch there by Cobb – and great throw.


3 Responses to “Packers offense playing well today”

  1. Frank G Says:

    Everything about this game triggers memories of my youth. (Runs off to closet to look for/put on Paul Coffman or Mike Douglass jersey…)

  2. DaveK Says:

    Rodgers found his accuracy today. Refs are terrible. First def that gets a turnover wins the game.

  3. footballrulz Says:

    Refs are bad? How about the defense? Thank goodness Ha Ha held on & Hyde hid the camera angle.

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