Packers/Seahawks Preview

  • Difficult team and difficult environment for the Pack’s first game – but maybe it’s better that way.
  • Seattle is very good. I don’t like them. I don’t like Pete Carroll (even though I’m on record a few years back claiming he’d be a good NFL coach his second time around. I should restate that – I don’t like Pete Carroll overall because I think he’s shady. The reason I thought he’d be a good coach is because of the energy and positivity he brings…despite his shadiness.
  • My guess this year for Seattle is that their defense will still have moments of suffocating brilliance, but they will also have far more moments of surprisingly poor performance than many people right now are anticipating. And I’ll even go so far as to say we’ll see a few of these moments tonight. Seattle has lost some major players on that Super Bowl winning defense, the refs are apparently going to be calling more touch fouls on defenders (which could really cause problems for Seattle’s secondary), the NFL has probably given a warning to the refs not to “totally screw the Packers again” and the Packers have had an entire offseason to prepare for this game – we will have a very good game plan to beat what is an intimidating but ultimately, slow secondary.
  • I’m guessing the no huddle will be a big weapon for McCarthy tonight.
  • Pete Carroll is positively stupid if he’s going to allow Earl Thomas to return punts. That is absurd. He is one of their very best players – just asking for an injury. (Of course McCarthy better not let Cobb do it…just not worth it).
  • Marshawn Lynch is a beast and yes, we should have picked him up a few years ago at my urging. But I think he’s going to ware down this year – he was too much the featured part of their offense last year. For tonight, I’m expecting a pulled hamstring as justice for his silly little holdout. (Though he’ll get some yards and a TD before he ducks out.)
  • I don’t know anything about Wilson’s receiving targets except Harvin. Harvin is an obvious, legit threat. And if Wilson/Seattle figures out that they can just throw over the middle, my 2 year old could be a WR for them and they’d do some damage. But his targets are either young, obscure and/or unproven – lining up against what could be a seriously improved Packers secondary. Wilson is always a scary guy for defenses because he can make something out of nothing – and he’s enormously confident now after winning the Super Bowl. But I just don’t think the passing game will be that good.
  • I think Aaron Rodgers has a fire burning in him right now that many just don’t think is there because he’s outwardly a nice, seemingly friendly guy. He hates Seattle and I know he is incredibly pissed about how we lost last time we were there. His also pissed about the Packers losing at home in the playoffs last year. And he doesn’t like all the attention Seattle is getting – especially the defense. I am guessing that Rodgers does some special things tonight and opens up some doubts about Seattle’s defense.
  • Lacy will get some yards and keep that defense more honest than they want to be and a few longer passes to our considerably faster WRs could really break this game open. But it could be Starks and Harris that really cause fits for Seattle (as I think psychologically they are gearing up for Lacy).
  • Watch for Richard Rodgers tonight. I think he and Janis (if he plays) will have quality games – taking Seattle and many fans watching by surprise.
  • I am excited to see what Peppers and Matthews can do in their first big game together. I’m guessing they end up with 3-4 sacks between them, but I’m also guessing that Wilson will hurt us with big runs when he’s flushed out.
  • In the end, I see the Packers winning this game 27-24. I think Seattle’s offense will do reasonably well against our D but their vaunted D won’t be able to slow down Rodgers.

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