Packers to win Super Bowl


The last time I made this prediction was…in 2010. This year feels odd to me. As I went about making my season predictions I really struggled. As with any season there are a number of factors that could quickly derail many of the predictions. And that is certainly the case with the Packers. But barring a major injury to a major player (like Rodgers, Peppers, Matthews or Jordy) or a crazy run of form by either the Saints or Philly, I think the Packers will be the team to beat.

I expect, as in years past, that the offense will carry the team this year. In fact I am anticipating an absolutely wild season from the Packers offense. I think Rodgers will have his best overall year yet and our running game will be very difficult to stop (Lacy of course and both back ups – DuJuan Harris looked fantastic in the 3rd preseason game – wow). I am guessing that several offensive records will be broken this year.

While the offense will carry us this year, I do expect more significant contributions from special teams and the return game in particular (though it would have even better potential had Abbrederis not gotten injured) – and from our defense. I think TT’s acquisition of Peppers is really one of the major reasons why I am picking the Packers to win the Super Bowl. I am convinced this will prove to be a quietly huge move (and of course I love it because he FINALLY picked up a high impact veteran in free agency). With Peppers opposite (or even next to) Matthews, the Packers pass rush becomes instantly legit. Even considering Peppers age and even allowing for the likelihood that he’s lost a step – opposing QBs can’t feel too good knowing Peppers and Matthews will be in pursuit. Perhaps more important than anything though, a better pass rush should help our young but talented secondary and our overall pass D. With talent like Hyde, Hayward, Burnett, Tramon, Shields and Clinton-Dix – and now a quality pass rush – I think the Packers pass D could go from near the bottom in 2013 to top 5 this year. Seriously. (Not so sure about the run defense though…actually pretty concerned about this…as well as concerned about screens/passes to RBs/TEs given what appears to be a weak middle of the defense…yet again…) Of course, a bunch of talent on the field doesn’t mean squat if it’s not managed correctly. And while I have been an advocate of dumping Capers due to several years of poor coaching, I’m willing to give him another shot here (mostly because I suppose we have to). Yet for some reason – I think he’ll manage to pull things together this year.

Super Bowl – Packers 31, New England 23.

2 Responses to “Packers to win Super Bowl”

  1. DaveK Says:

    Seattle scares me. Harvin is now available. Wilson is entering year 3 and has looked great in pre-season. That offense will be better then last year. And, I don’t see a drop-off in their defense. If anybody is going to beat them in January though the Packers might be best built to do so. Week 1 game determines home-field advantage in the playoffs which might be key to Seattle repeating as champs.

    I think the 49ers will be taking a step back this year. Offense and defense just won’t be as good as last year. And, they certainly can’t stay as healthy as last year. I am actually more worried about the Saints then the 49ers going forward.

    The North:

    I think the Bear’s defense will be historically bad. Like last in the league in rushing defense bad. Offense will be good and Cutler could have his best year ever but that defense is not going get it done.

    Detroit. They have the talent. Not really sold on Stafford to get them over the hump but he has to be better now that he doesn’t have an idiot hot head for a coach. A good coaching staff could take that roster to 10 wins really quickly.

    Vikings. I think their new coaching staff fits their roster really well. Zimmer gets instant respect and will get the most out of that defense. Norv Turner’s run first system seems to fit AP perfectly. Turner has gotten the best out of really good RB’s in the past. Need to figure out QB situation. Might be a throw-away year for them as they break in Bridgewater.

    But, I am a homer. Packers edge Seattle in NFC championship game. Go on to beat the Colts in the Superbowl by a bunch.

    • awhayes Says:

      Seattle does remain scary but I think they think they are better than they are – and that will be their downfall this year. Agree with you re the assessment of the NFC North. Even though I’m not a huge Jim Caldwell fan, I think he’ll come in and get more out of the talent there than Schwartz could and I think they’ll leak into the playoffs. If Minnesota had a better QB situation, I really think they would be a sleeper team this year. The hiring of Mike Zimmer scares me…he’s a good coach.

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