Packers sign Ted Thompson to contract extension


Read here. Thoughts on this? Excited about this or not so much?

For many, I’m guessing the thought is that this is a no-brainer (…and perhaps a bit surprising as there had been rumors over the last year that he was getting ready to hang it up). After all, as the article indicates we’ve been to the playoffs 5 straight years and he has a Super Bowl. That certainly sounds like a good case for extending a GM especially in today’s NFL. However, I don’t know if that record really reflects how the team has done under TT.

Despite making the playoffs a bunch – which absolutely counts for something even if we squeaked in a few times – the Packers only did real DAMAGE in the playoffs once in the TT era: 2010, the Super Bowl year. Setting aside the 4 playoff wins in the Super Bowl year, the Packers playoff record under TT is an iffy 2-5, with the two victories coming against the toothless 2008 Seahawks and the hapless 2012 Vikings. While nobody can take the Super Bowl or the general winning culture he’s helped re-establish away for sure – and those things are huge – I don’t think it’s a stretch to question whether he’s making shrewd enough moves each year to fill our roster with guys that can take us deep into the playoffs. He goes overboard with his reliance on draft picks and I think there have been several playoff years that were cut short in good part because we didn’t have the veteran leadership and presence needed on the field at critical moments.

So, if I were the one to decide whether or not TT should be extended, what would I say? I probably would have waited until after this season to extend him. His contract wasn’t set to expire until after the 2015 season (I believe) so there wasn’t that big of a hurry. And while I do think extending TT is something that should have been on the table starting this year, the ultimate decision to extend him should have been made after this year in good part so we could see how the team does – especially in the playoffs. A deep playoff run and I’d give him a significant bonus/extension in part because I’d be so pleased with him for drifting from his “draft picks only” philosophy and scooping up Julius Peppers. But a playoff miss or another playoff dud and I’d consider waiting until his contract expires after the 2015 season or not extending him at all. I know many would say “well it’s cheaper to tie him down now” than it would be after a strong playoff run. Probably right – but if the team pukes it this year I’m not entirely sure having TT there longer-term is the best idea.


4 Responses to “Packers sign Ted Thompson to contract extension”

  1. 56Coop Says:

    As usual Andy your thoughts seem to be well thought out and somewhat concise. I find myself in a quandary regarding TT most of the time ad will admit to being one of those fire him & MM guys when the whole Favre fiasco took place. However, a SB and four playoff seasons later I have to give the man his due. That being said one more first round loss in the playoffs will be frustrating. Is this waht is known as a Catch 22?.

  2. Dave K Says:

    TT is a top 5 GM in this league and I think that is a consensus opinion around the league. You extend him if he is willing. Even if a year or two from now the Packer organization changes it’s mind about TT then they certainly have the financial ability to cut him loose and go in a different direction. You are talking about around $3 million a year. The Packers could eat that if needed for a few years if they wanted to hire a new GM.

    The one possibility I could see is the Packers going after John Schneider. He is a Green bay native and worked under TT for a few years in Green Bay. I am guessing being the Packer GM is his dream job. His contract is up in Seattle in 2016. Two more year of TT then transition to Schneider would be an amazing transition move for the Packers.

  3. Dave In Tucson Says:

    A couple comments:

    1. It’s really not fair to set aside the 2010 SB season in evaluating TT. And I think in spite of the 1 and done playoff exit, 2013 was an exciting season, and it was encouraging that they took one of the best teams in the league down to the wire. We’ll see how it goes this year, but I see marked improvement in the team in the last couple seasons.

    2. I would tend to agree that I’d like to see TT be a little more aggressive looking for free agents, but if you wanna see the bad side of that, look at the 96 Packers. Or rather, the 98 Packers, who were barely a shadow of that championship season, thanks to free agents retiring or moving on to other teams.


  4. Jimmy Says:

    2011, 2012 drafts were terrible. If we have a chance to bring Schneider back, we should take it. I would have waited at least one more year to see if the trend downwards continued.

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