Packers Sign Nelson to New Contract


This is good news. I have read plenty of comments by pundits talking about Nelson’s true value to the Packers over the last few weeks. The opinions range from Nelson being one of the more underrated players in the league to Nelson just being a lucky product of a fantastic system. While the truth usually lies somewhere in between – in this case I think Jordy falls more on the underrated player side. Nelson is a very solid WR. He can make the difficult work-man like plays over the middle but he can also make spectacular one-on-one catches over and around CBs – even #1 CBs. And I think the truth is that Nelson would be a very good player for just about any team in this league. This is a great move by the Packers. Nicely done TT.

2 Responses to “Packers Sign Nelson to New Contract”

  1. Dave K Says:

    He got the going rate for really good but not elite (Calvin Johnson, Fitzgerald) type players. Jordy got Jennings/Victor Cruz type money.

    The reason Nelson gets to catch balls from the best QB in the league and contend for championships and Jennings doesn’t…ego. Jordy is a team guy. Jennings is a me guy.

  2. 56Coop Says:

    Amen Dave K, Amen.

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