Like the pick of Jared Abbrederis


Like many of you, I watched Abbrederis play a number of games for Wisconsin. He is a gamer. He can make big plays in big moments, he’s a very solid return guy and in college anyway, he had the ability to take over games. I’m guessing he’ll be a #3 or #4 WR that Rodgers will grow to really like. Congrats Jared – Wisconsin is glad to keep you here.

2 Responses to “Like the pick of Jared Abbrederis”

  1. Dave In Tucson Says:

    116 days to September 4th…

  2. tangysizzl Says:

    I was very happy to see them grab Abbrederis also but my Favorite pick was definitely Carl Bradford in the 4th round. I get the same kind of feeling about him as I had when they drafted Mike Daniels.

    Hes a quick twitch guy, great first step and really has that ability to get small and beat Tackles around the edge. He also uses his hands very well and has a variety of pass rush moves to defeat the tackle when not using speed so he’s no one trick pony by any standards.

    Doubt he will start but I bet he will play and play well early on. Watch him shine right away in the preseason.

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