Smart pick by the Packers


Nicely done TT. We needed safety help and Ha Ha is a gamer. I like his willingness to sacrifice his body to make plays. Good player. Now let’s get a quality LB, TE and an interior d-lineman.

One Response to “Smart pick by the Packers”

  1. Dave K Says:

    I love this pick. Best player available at a need position. I didn’t see any mock drafts in the past month where he got to #21. He was considered the best cover safety in the draft. They appeared to be four starter quality safeties in this draft and all four went in round one. Glad the Packers got one early.

    I haven’t heard or read a pundit or Packer fan yet that doesn’t like the pick. Per The Score, Bear fans seem to be the only ones upset!

    Leroy Butler thinks the secondary makes a huge jump with this pick turning Burnett back into a playmaker and also getting Hayward back into the slot. Couple a much better secondary with a better front seven (healthy Matthews, Peppers, Jones making a yr two jump) and this def could dramatically improve.

    Borland in round two!!!

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