Some tempting free agents this year


There are some very good veteran players that could really help out the Packers right now. Yes some would come with salary issues and I know, I know, TT doesn’t like jumping into the free agency frenzy early on. Still, there are some players out there that could make an immediate difference for the Packers. (It’s too bad Donte Whitner and Jarius Byrd already got scooped up – either one of those guys would have helped our secondary.)

  • Justin Tuck DE- effective pass rusher, especially when he’s opposite another good pass rusher (like Matthews)
  • Julius Peppers DE –  I know he fell off a bit last year but he is still a threat to the QB and would pair nicely with Matthews)
  • DeMarcus Ware DE – while I know his cap # became unsustainable for a team that manages that poorly and I know he had a significant injury last year, I was still surprised by his release. He would be a massive upgrade opposite Matthews though his contract could be a bit on the ridiculous side.
  • Daryl Smith ILB – Smith played well filling in for retired Ray Lewis and we have major needs at ILB.
  • Jon Beason ILB – Beason enjoyed a good season last year with the struggling NY Giants. A fantastic tackler, he could also provide a much-needed veteran leadership presence for the defense.
  • LaMarr Woodley OLB – while there is some concern about why Pitt would give up on the guy, Woodley is a good player and would be an upgrade over the options we have now.
  • LeGarrette Blount RB – Blount is a gamer and would be the kind of backup opposing defenses would hate to see after getting beat up by Lacy.
  • Owen Daniels TE – he sort of fell out of favor in Houston mostly because of frequent injuries, but Daniels could be a solid addition to our TE group. Very good pass catcher.
  • Kenny Britt WR – I realize this would be a long-shot option given Britt’s attitude and his injury history. But the fact was, there was a stretch within the last few years when Britt was quietly one of the dominant WRs in the game. If he could effectively learn the Packers’ system, I think he could thrive as a #3 or #4 WR.
  • Darren Sproles RB – while we may have to trade for him (as he hasn’t been released…yet) I think he could be a huge difference maker for the Packers. He would be a complete contrast to Lacy and when on the field at the same time as Cobb, would present a major match-up issue for opposing defenses.

Any other free agents you all are thinking about?




9 Responses to “Some tempting free agents this year”

  1. Lynn Dickey Says:

    Grab one of those ILBs, just do SOMETHING to get us excited about changes to defense. I’m so tired of watching TT draft defensive players who are busts or play out of their natural positions. Rodgers is getting older; we need a D that can play decently sooner, rather than later, or we may find that our Offensive talent has degenerated.

  2. RayMidge Says:

    My wish list: Ware (opposite Matthews- yikes!) and Charles Tillman (position: defensive playmaker!).

  3. Dave K Says:

    I can’t believe the Broncos spent that much on Ware. They are pushing all in for Manning’s last year.

    I like the idea of Owen Daniels. Get it done TT. Let’s not let him slip away like Gonzales did 3 years ago.

    They really need to address Safety. I think Chris Clemons from Miami might be a good fit. Smart. Great range and speed. Not a good tackler but you have to pick your poison if you are only willing to sign tier 2 free agents. Big upgrade over what they had last year next to Burnett.

    Also hoping Jones makes his way back to Green Bay.

  4. Dave In Tucson Says:

    Unless something’s happened that I haven’t heard about, I don’t see any reason to go after any free agent RBs. Lacy and Starks made a great 1-2 punch, and we’ve also got (right?) DuJuan Harris and Johnathan Franklin for depth.

  5. Lynn Dickey Says:

    James Harrison was released by the Bengals. I don’t know what he’s got left in the tank, and have my doubts that he’s a great fit for GB’s locker room and team culture, but man i’d like to see the Pack add a tough, no nonsense guy like him to the roster. He’s a baaaaad man, and I want him to bring some physicality to our patty-cake D.

  6. 56coop Says:

    Lose EDS & resign Raji for one year @ 4 mil. I’m obviously no expert but I am confused. You gotta protect AR.

  7. Lynn Dickey Says:

    Maybe Raji can play center? I kid.

  8. tangysizzl Says:

    The FA I really want is Devin Hester. Hes only 31 and I think they could sign him for fairly cheap right now considering Chicago has moved on and as far as I know TB is in no rush to sign him. He’s just sitting out there for GB to snatch up.

    Its not everyday a guy as accomplished as Hester is available(a general pain in GBs ass for years), Its a very low risk high reward situation here, take a chance Ted.

    Julius Peppers 34 is an intriguing FA to sign for a year or two. Played for DL coach Trgovac before, not sure of their relationship though. 6’6″ 290 could be an ideal 3-4 DE.

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