Should the Packers trade up for Clowney?


I have been wondering about this now for a while. But when I read today here that Clowney posted an unofficial 40 time of 4.47 –  a positively absurd time for someone who weighs 266 lbs – I’m starting to think that making a super aggressive play for him might be a smart move. We’ll have the cap space and we can give up a few draft picks. We’d also be protected a bit by the contract limitations the NFL placed a few years ago on draft picks. I think his presence in our lineup would have the potential to change our defense from one of the worst to top 5. Lined up opposite Matthews (if Matthews is healthy…becoming a big if anymore), opposing QBs would suddenly have very little time to make decisions. If we learned one thing from last season it’s that defense still matters – and consistent pressure on QBs is something that the great defenses of last year did exceptionally well (San Fran, Seattle). Another quiet factor with Clowney is that with that kind of speed and some good coaching, he might be able to offer coverage skills that we lack from our front 7.

10 Responses to “Should the Packers trade up for Clowney?”

  1. Dave K Says:

    I wonder what it would take to move up that far up in the draft. A bunch. Maybe with that size and speed they can play him both ways. TE on offense and OLB on defense!!

  2. AZPackFan Says:

    I’d kill that dream. He is being talked about within the top 5. It would cost way too much, and the draft is always a bit of a gamble. Safety is top priority. Hoping for Pryor.

  3. Lynn Dickey Says:

    This feels like something the Cleveland Frowns would do. Play it safe, let Jacksonville or whoever have him. Let’s draft secondary and players who will play the same position in GB that they did in College – no more “projects”

  4. Dave In Tucson Says:

    Yeah, this doesn’t seem like a very good idea to me, either. One thing Al Davis proved is, just having a fast guy on your team doesn’t make you a winner.

    Being fast is great once you’re in the clear. Having the football smarts to know how to get clear is a whole nother thing…

  5. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    while i too think it’s unlikely and would cost too much, i think it points to an inverted sort of thinking on this past season’s defensive woes.

    the safety position was undoubtedly a dumpster fire (0 interceptions?), but i think all of our corners played at least slightly below expectations, or were inconsistent. i think when you add this all up, a secondary conclusion (besides just poor secondary play) is that the front 7 was also under-performing.

    i know it’s a bit of a chicken/egg thing, but i think there is a more significant impact on a secondary because of improved front 7 play than there is on the front 7 based on improved secondary play.

    that makes sense, really. it does. i think.

    on an unrelated note, this is from the wikipedia article on superbowl XLV:

    “The Packers entered the Super Bowl never having trailed by more than 7 points at any point during the season — a feat that had never been accomplished during a complete season in the Super Bowl era.”

    holy crap.

    • Dave In Tucson Says:

      > the safety position was undoubtedly a dumpster fire

      I think a big part of this was the loss of Woodson. Not necessarily as a player, but as a leader on that defense, I think he made a huge difference.

      TT/MM should call him up and offer him a position coaching the secondary. I got a feeling he’d be great at it.

  6. tangysizzl Says:

    Forget about it! It cost Atlanta two 1st round picks one 2nd and two 4th round picks to move up 21 spots(27to 6) to nab Julio Jones. That’s a lot of eggs to put in one basket. If the guy gets hurt your screwed.Don’t get me wrong I would love to have the guy but 5 picks for one player is a bit much.

    Id rather stay put at 21 or trade up like 10 spots for DT Aaron Donald, At 6’1″ 285 lbs on paper he doesn’t fit the 3-4 but this guys is strong as hell and is very quick, you can not block the guy one on one. Before the Senior Bowl and the Combine I thought he’d be available at 21 but now hes looking like a top 15 if not a top 10 selection. Awesome player.

  7. RayMidge Says:

    If I thought that Clowney was as good as his combine workout suggests, (i.e. a generational difference-maker) I would be in favor of moving up, no matter the cost. I remember thinking that the Packers should do whatever it took to get Sean Taylor when he was in the draft, because they had a glaring need at S and he seemed to be that once-every-15-years talent.

    However, I am concerned about a guy who has questionable motivation and work ethic as some of the reports/evaluations of Clowney indicate. Sure, he had good reasons for protecting himself last year, and there were double and triple teams, but I guess I fall into the camp that accepts the criticism of Clowney that if a guy wants to be great and *needs* to be great there wouldn’t be those types of criticisms out there and he wouldn’t have had the season he had last year. After all, there will be valid reasons for him to back off in the pros, too. How will he react to not being physically dominant in a league where everybody is really good? I don’t think a guy who has those sorts of open questions (and admittedly, they are just questions, perhaps he answers them and fulfills his potential) is a guy you can move mountains to get. One of the reasons ATL felt justified doing it for Julio Jones was because in addition to his talent, his reputation was that he was a hard worker and motivated player who would get the best out of his talent. Injuries aside, that has proven to be true.

    I would be happy if the Pack stands pat or moves up as long as they get that type of player. From what I read, CJ Moseley or Pryor could fill a need up the middle at either LB or S and have reputations as self-starters.

  8. Dave In Tucson Says:

    Packers complete deal with Shield,s per PFT twitter:

    Reportedly $12.5 mil guaranteed. Glad to see this worked out, I think Shields is a guy we need on our defense.

    • 56coop Says:

      Glad to see this. Shields has great speed and hopefully we’ll get some rushing and coverage help.
      Certainly cannot hurt much.

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