Packers should keep an eye on the Terrell Suggs situation


Suggs is heading into his final contract year and Balt is apparently not sure if they want to keep him. He has a huge cap number of $12.4M. While that is an obvious issue, if Balt opts to cut him loose to save money, this could be the kind of splash TT could make that would instantly change our defense. Even a slower/older Suggs lined up opposite Matthews would be an absolute nightmare for opposing offenses. And his leadership and veteran savvy having been on some of the best defenses in NFL history would no doubt be huge in a locker room full of youngsters. While my guess is Balt ultimately keeps him, I find it interesting that this is even on the table at this point already in their off-season. Interesting that part of what could make him expendable is Balt’s quick move last year to pick up pass rusher Elvis Dumervil from Denver after that bizarre contract snafu by Dumervil’s agent. Ozzie Newsome is a good GM.


3 Responses to “Packers should keep an eye on the Terrell Suggs situation”

  1. 56coop Says:

    Andy, alon with every one else I thank you for this site. As a guy with no kids I have one question. What the hell is fUtsal?. Thanx.

    56 cooop

  2. Dave K Says:

    So many moving parts on the defense this off-season. Pretty much the entire d-line is no longer under contract. Letting Shields get away would be tough but the franchise tag for a CB is steep. Plus, we need a legit starting safety and a bunch more talent at LB not named Matthews. Revamping all that might be a multi-year process and a 31 year old free agent LB who had lousy numbers the last eight games might not be a good fit. Then again if he played like his first 8 games it could really let this defense make a leap forward. TT is going to earn his money the next four months!

  3. Gopackgo Says:

    Eric Walden playing well tonight in Colts/pats game. Very disruptive. Happy for him. Good motor

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