Tramon bothered by team’s emphasis on youth – and he should be


Read here. Interesting article from Tom Silverstein quoting Tramon Williams. Williams essentially says what I had said in the previous post – that the defense (though he focuses on the secondary) lacks a veteran presence. Given that he’s probably buddies with some of the young guys he was essentially criticizing, it couldn’t have been an easy comment to make. But he is right about this. When Woodson left and our defense got younger and younger, the younger guys then have fewer veterans to guide them in the ways of the NFL. That may sound ridiculous but it’s not. As Tramon says, veterans should have their place too and TT has to find a way to achieve a better balance of youth/experience.

One Response to “Tramon bothered by team’s emphasis on youth – and he should be”

  1. Dave K Says:

    I don’t think the loss of Nick Collins can be understated. Imagine Collins and Burnett playing together the last two years. I have heard TT comment a few times on the blow it was to lose an All Pro like Collins. Shields/Williams/Burnett/Collins and Hyde/House as the nickel/dime CB’s. That is a secondary with chemistry and experience. TT’s mistake and I think he would admit this is not getting a veteran safety for this year instead of going with Jennings/Richardson/McMillian.

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