Throw to boykin


Would remind San Fran just how many weapons we have. 


5 Responses to “Throw to boykin”

  1. 56coop Says:

    Great, 2 d players with knee injuries & the o can’t move the freakin ball. Looks like the d needs to really step up if that’d possible.

  2. AZPackFan Says:

    All overpaid….these guys stink. Indefensible defense.

  3. Dave in Tucson Says:

    D’s been okay so far. Keeping us in it. If offense can get started, this’ll be a game

    • AZPackFan Says:

      Like your optimism, but they have had the ball for 2/3 of this game on Offense. No wonder our O is flat, they are cold and cannot get on the field. The 9ers are built to have the ball and make long drives. Don’t fool yourself, we have stopped NOTHING!!!! This is done already. 42-10 SF.

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