Cobb’s return potentially huge


Not sure why this story isn’t getting much attention but I don’t think it’s a stretch to argue that Randall Cobb, outside of Rodgers, is the team’s most dangerous offensive player. Even if he can only play 50% of the time, Cobb is a match-up nightmare for defenses and should provide a welcome outlet for Rodgers. He’s so good at getting open in particular because he’s so quick.

Not sure how the rest of you feel about this game but I remain am cautiously optimistic (though boosted by the fact that Cobb will likely play). I’ve been reading a lot about how with Rodgers back, suddenly everyone thinks it’s done deal – the Pack will destroy the Bears. I’m not necessarily in that camp. The Bears are at home, they have one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL,they have a smart/sensible coach the weather will be cold/crappy and there is plenty on the line. The Bears will play this one tough. In order to win, Rodgers and the offense will have to be on fire and our defense will have to at least cause a turnover or two (which shouldn’t be hard with Cutler playing). I actually think the offense will be sharp and the defense will surprise with a few key plays (I have no basis for predicting this – probably more of a hopeful hunch than anything). I’ll stick with my prediction Packers 34, Bears 27.



One Response to “Cobb’s return potentially huge”

  1. 56coop Says:

    I don’t think any Packers/Bears game is ever a “done deal”.regardless of what the talking heads are saying. Should be quite an afternoon.

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