Rodgers to start, Cobb likely to play


Wow – great news for Packer fans. Read here from Fox Sports. After all the team has been through in his absence, all the questions and the precautions etc – this is really good news. I’m sure he has been cleared by the medical staff so I am sure there is very little risk at this point to further, more career-threatening injury. This is very good news. And it changes the prospects for the Bears game Sunday completely – especially with the likely addition now of Cobb. Wow. 

With Flynn in there the passing game has been inconsistent, but mostly weak. He had an occasional half of passing competency (Dallas 2nd half comes to mind). So with Rodgers in there (even a rusty Rodgers), we should benefit from not only a huge lift in the passing game, but also built up confidence in the running game. Even if Lacy can’t go, Starks has been running well and could carry the load. The Bears run D is terrible and with Rodgers back now, and Cobb as well, the Bears D will not be able to simply load the box like they could have done against Flynn.

This is good news. If our defense weren’t so bad I would be comfortable predicting a huge victory for the Pack. But because of our iffy defense, I think this could end up being a really good, high-scoring game. I’ll take the Packers though as getting Rodgers back is a huge boost, but also getting our most dangerous offensive weapon back in Cobb, will make a different too. Packers 34, Bears 27.


2 Responses to “Rodgers to start, Cobb likely to play”

  1. 56coop Says:

    O line has to step up. Rodgers record w/4 or more sacks is something like 10-17 according to Sirius radio. Go Pack Go.

  2. Dave K Says:

    They should put the burden on Lacy and Starks. Rodgers is just there to keep the Bear’s defense from stacking the box. Run first and run often. The Bear’s have the worst run D in the league. Keep the Bear offense cold and on the sideline.

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