Game Thoughts Packers/Steelers

  • Terrible loss. Packers could have won that game.
  • McCarthy and Flynn botched the final drive there. Why the heck did they call a run there to Starks with so little time? Yes I lobbied all game for more run plays – but not in that situation! That cost us big-time.  Brother Steve made a great point – Rodgers should have been the #3 QB today just in case the game came down to the wire like it did. He would have hit Jordy on that one.
  • McCarthy was just off with the playcalling again. Despite the announcer claiming that nobody is better, McCarthy was really bad today. He had one good drive of playcalling and that was the drive we handed it off a bunch – like we should have been doing the whole time.
  • It was almost as though McCarthy was trying to prove something by having Flynn throw so much (39 times, to 28 called runs…30 rushes counting 2 by Flynn). At some point, when Flynn overthrew his WR for the 5th or 6th time early in the second half especially, McCarthy should have changed whatever gameplan he came in with and just run the ball.
  • The big mystery to me today was why McCarthy threw so often on 1st down. I like doing that from time to time to keep a defense honest, but McCarthy was doing it on what seemed like every new set of downs. And with Flynn completing barely 50% of his passes while Lacy/Starks averaged more than 5 yards per carry, it’s just not smart. But like I wrote last week during the Cowboys game when Garret/Bill Callahan were making the same inexplicable mistake, the reason this is not smart is that it makes getting a first down THAT much tougher because it inevitably led to 2nd and 10, then Pitt knew we’d probably run on second, leading to a number of 3rd and long plays – which are hard to convert for a QB who was just plain off the mark today.
  • Our defense is terrible. Capers has been very bad this year. He should be fired. Our defense just is so clueless. The secondary is not good, the safeties in particular. I can’t say enough bad about the LBs – outside of what was really a great interception by Hawk, the second level of our D continues to be an enormous void that opposing teams take advantage of week after week.
  • TT owns a big part of our defense being bad. There is just not much talent out there. All 3 levels of our D (D-Line, LBs, DBs) are weak. Shields has had a good year, Hyde could be a gem and Matthews is decent (though it’s now fair to just call the guy unreliable), but outside of that I’m not sure a single one of our defenders would start on a play0ff caliber team. That’s really pathetic and that’s TT’s fault.
  • For a guy who can’t seem to figure out how to draft (or acquire) defensive guys at all, TT remains unbelievable when it comes to picking WRs. Boykin is the real deal and this offense next year, assuming everyone is back and healthy, should be completely unstoppable – even with bad playcalling.
  • We were beaten by better coaches today. We were lucky to have that weird blocked kick call go our way (right call, weird rule) – and that got us a TD. And we did make a few other nice plays during the game to be sure – but what irks me is that McCarthy made it somewhat easy for LeBeau to outcoach him by essentially putting the game in Flynn’s hands. While this may have surprised LeBeau some, I’m sure Pitt was relieved that McCarthy did that especially when Flynn was clearly off the mark. I just don’t understand why we didn’t pound the ball on the ground repeatedly.
  • I went back and read some blog posts from the last few weeks and noticed I have complained a lot more about playcalling recently. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’ve done a lot more of this ever since Rodgers got hurt. I think Rodgers has a good sense for a game and is good at calling an audible when McCarthy sends in a ridiculous play. Flynn not so much. Again this has really come to light since Rodgers has been hurt.
  • Micah Hyde had a great game today. I think he could end up being a really really good player. There have been times in the last few games when I’ve wondered why we just don’t convert him to safety to displace Richardson and/or Jennings. At least he’d make plays out there. I’ve also noticed that he has a tendency to step up in big moments. His kick return tonight was massive – and just what the team needed.
  • Eddie Lacy has uncommon vision for a rookie. He’s big and bruising and decisive and has quick feet – and all of that stuff you always hear – but what amazes me is his vision. His cut back on that TD was really special. So many other RBs would have continued to go with the movement of the pile and had a nice 5-6 yard gain. But Lacy saw the entire left side of the field wide open out of the corner of his eye and made a dash for the endzone. That was a special play by a special player.
  • I found LeBeau’s apparent comment that the Packers had the best 1-2 RB punch in the NFL interesting – but I actually think there is something to that. First of all, not all teams even have a true 1-2 punch…but both of these guys run so hard and in such a punishing way it has to be really awful for defenders to have to tackle these guys. Too bad we didn’t take advantage of this enough today – could have really worn out the Pitt D.
  • I guess we’re still not out of it but this really felt like a blow. (I do think Philly is going to win tonight.) I’ll keep hoping like all of us, but I have to say I’m already dreading the possibility that if we make the playoffs, our defense could give up 60+ points!

8 Responses to “Game Thoughts Packers/Steelers”

  1. Paul Says:

    The Pack got totally out coached (again). They only got three plays off in the last 55 seconds. Do Flynn and McCathy understand that there is a clock or are they confused about that. It was like watching the Lions.

  2. Jay Timmons Says:

    1. Brother Steve is a smart dude.
    2. Love to see a new OC that is a play caller. Also like to see a new DC.
    3. MUST draft one promising LB and grab a leader off FA. Wonder if Timmons/94 will be available. 😉
    4. Really enjoy this blog every Sunday. Merry Christmas!

    • awhayes Says:

      thanks Jay – could def use new d coordinator and I wouldn’t mind an OC – or have McCarthy be OC and hire a new head coach to manage the team and focus on game situations like Tomlin does (though I’m sure McCarthy wouldn’t go for that).

  3. 56coop Says:

    If I were Chicago I’d put McCown in now. Still a lo.g way to go thougho

    I thi.k you are correct about. TT and drAfting receivers but Sux on defensive players. I think I might look at my my scout team. Seems he can pull receivers out of the woods but whiffs on d players as well as o line.

    Also, I.juries have been almost phenomenal for this team for years. I realize it’s prevalent throughout the league but it’s ridiculous on this team.

    Oline and bad d has been too consistent for this team for too many years. Time for TT to s

    • 56coop Says:

      Swallow his ego and get involved in free agen y to some degree.

      BTW I hate smart phone key phone screens. Guess my thumbs are too fat.

    • Josh Says:

      I understand wanting to get involved, but realistically, which free agents should have been signed this season? The offense was pretty set prior to injuries. The defense needs help, but who should it have been? The only guy that I can think of is Dannell Ellerbe, and if they gave him the $35 million he got from Miami, then Shields probably isn’t resigned.

      I just don’t like it when people bring up free agency as a magic solution without regarding how the market and the cap affect the situation.

      • 56coop Says:

        Hey Josh, I understand your point but let’s see how FA looks this upcoming season. Maybe someone will be available that can help. I just think TT pays too little attention to that side of the biz. Obviously I’m not privy to his thoughts/actions so I could be totally offbase here. We’ll see.

  4. 56Coop Says:

    At least I’m not alone in my thinking, FWIW

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