Flynn to start Sunday?


Ugh. According to ESPN here, he is getting the first team reps this week with Rodgers not expected to play (though apparently that hasn’t been determined conclusively just yet). While I can freely admit McCarthy doesn’t have a pleasant decision about which guy to start – because TT has left him with 2 weak options at QB, I am not sure how McCarthy can justify going with Flynn after Flynn’s performance last week. That was one of the worst games by an NFL QB in years! I realize he gave us a spark and helped us tie the Vikings – after Tolzien wasn’t doing anything – but man he was so bad last week in a hugely important game that I actually wondered if he’d be cut!

I will say this, if Flynn gets the start, McCarthy better be giving Tolzien plenty of first team reps this week too so that he can be well-prepared to come in if Flynn is a disaster once again.


8 Responses to “Flynn to start Sunday?”

  1. Dave K Says:

    Maybe Ted and Mike want a top ten draft pick.

  2. awhayes Says:

    nice Dave, nice.

  3. 56coop Says:

    If they are thinking draft picks then they have the wrong attitude to lead this team. Fire them & start over. I’m tired of this BS. Too many injuries & too much of the same problems. Fix the o-line, defense
    & special teams.

  4. Dave in Tucson Says:

    The Packers have really had a perfect storm of suck when it comes to the quarterback position this season. I mean, first of all, it’s not too surprising that Graham Harrell (undrafted free agent) and B.J. Coleman (7th round pick) turned out to be nobodies, although a bummer that they both cratered this year.

    I still don’t know why they brought in Vince Young for a tryout, but then again, the pickings for available free agent quarterbacks were (and still are) very slim.

    There isn’t much evidence, but I think we would’ve done all right if Seneca Wallace had stayed healthy. He looked okay in that one series he played against the Eagles.

    So to recap, we’ve gone from playing or MVP quarterback, to a backup that we picked up at the start of the season, to a practice squad guy (also picked up at the start of the season) to a 3-time reject that was on the street until we called him up.

    I’ve said this before, but I don’t think I’d really blame this situation on MM or TT. Finding one quality QB can be tough (as evidenced by the number of teams that don’t have one right now). And as evidenced by Brian Brohm, using an early round pick on a QB doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a guy that’s even worth the #2 spot.

    As to the current Rodgers thing, it kinda sounds like it’s gonna be a close thing, maybe a game time decision. If Rodgers can’t play… well, Tolzien and Flynn are not good choices. If Flynn gets benched, I think that pretty much means we also have to cut him, for what that’s worth.

  5. wilsonmaywick Says:

    Whatever happened to McCarthy’s vaunted QB school? Recent grads have sucked big time. I long for the days when we drafted QB’s every year…Hassellbeck, Brooks, Detmer, etc. Yeah, some didn’t work out, but we had a stronger bench behind #4.

    • Dave in Tucson Says:

      I guess Aaron Brooks had an okay career, but I’m not sure how much I’d hold up a guy like Ty Detmer as an example of a quality quarterback.

      Other than Hasselbeck and Mark Brunell, I’m not sure there were any QBs of any real note that came through the Packer system while Farve was starting (not counting Kurt Warner, who was basically just passing through).

      Most of the guys who backed up Favre were either has-beens (Jim McMahon, Steve Bono), also rans (Doug Pederson), or never-was-es (Craig Nall).

      • wilsonmaywick Says:

        My point was that at least Wolf drafted QB’s who were more effective than what we have had the last couple years. TT has neglected the back up QB role IMHO.

      • Dave in Tucson Says:

        Well, to be fair, Flynn looked like a pretty solid pick until he went to Seattle, and Pete Carroll replaced him with a pod person.

        I suppose they could’ve drafted somebody in 2011. They did pick up Graham Harrell as a free agent rookie, and I seem to remember thinking he showed at least some signs of development before this year.

        And then after the defense turned into a giant wad of suck in 2011, I seem to recall exactly nobody calling for the Packers to use an early round draft pick on a backup quarterback.

        And even this year, there were a lot more calls to draft for o-line guys (myself among them) than calls for drafting a QB.

        So, where exactly would you have used a draft pick on a QB?

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