Packers have the worst Linebackers in the NFL


Even considering Clay Matthews (whom I think is decent, but not as great as everyone thinks he is), I think the Packers still  have the worst overall linebacker unit in the NFL. Game after game we all watch as offensive players relatively easily get past our first level and go straight to our 3rd level (DBs). I’m just so tired of it. And of all positions to be terrible at year after year, it’s the position TT played in the NFL. Just in


3 Responses to “Packers have the worst Linebackers in the NFL”

  1. AZPackFan Says:

    Nope, it’s the scheme. It’s outdated, and worthless. But hey, Capers is the best (because he’s a recognizable name), what a joke.

  2. awhayes Says:

    Capers and scheme definitely don’t help, but our talent level at linebackers is so awful it’s an embarrassment. Repeatedly, teams exploit the second level/middle of the field.

  3. AZPackFan Says:

    Because of this “bend but don’t break” crap. Capers IS the issue with this defense, the last 3 years should be enough to understand that the scheme is fooling NOBODY.

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