If you’re McCarthy here…


…what do you say to your team? The score right now should be 34-10 – even WITH 3 Lions turnovers and a defensive TD. The Packers haven’t been dominated like this for years. But I also can’t remember a team so definitely in control of a game like this and only up by 7. This is crazy really.

So what do you say if you’re McCarthy. First of all, I think he needs to pull out the “jobs are on the line” speech. And he has to make sure Dom Capers knows he’s included in that. And then he needs to follow through with threats to bench people – no matter who they are (Lacy isn’t doing anything, Flynn has been awful, Hawk/Jones haven’t played this bad since…last game, etc etc).

There is a lot at stake here. As sad as it sounds, we lose this game and we’re likely going to have to shift into a full rebuilding mode.

One Response to “If you’re McCarthy here…”

  1. AZPackFan Says:

    If I’m McCarthy….I face facts and fire my crappy defensive coordinator and stop being naive. What will he do….defend Capers (the guy who produces the worst defense for 3 years straight) and blame only the players. Piss poor leadership from our couch.

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