Game Thoughts Packers/Vikes

  • Ugh – ties suck. We lost a golden opportunity to tie Chicago and Detroit at the top division after their respective meltdowns. Just super frustrating.
  • Pretty sad that we gave up 240 yards rushing to the Vikings. Yes, Peterson is a great back, but giving up 140 to him and 90 to Gebhardt when we KNEW that running the ball would be their focus is inexcusable.
  • This defense is terrible. We gave up 447 yards to the Minnesota Vikings in super cold weather. It just shouldn’t happen. I could go on and on about this but I can’t right now – too frustrated. Tackling horrible, but more than anything today – positioning was way off. We were repeatedly out of position on defense. Defense just sucks.
  • Capers won’t be canned mid-season but I kind of wonder if he should be. Just give someone else back there a chance to flip things – couldn’t do a worse job than Capers has done.
  • TT continues to be exposed in the midst of all of this. The Packers are 0-3-1 since Rodgers went out and it has completely exposed us as a below average team. Our linebackers are so bad it’s really unbelievable. The D-Line was terrible today too but the Vikes’ line seemed to have free runs consistently through the second level too. Our LBs were often out of position somehow in the running game, and poor in coverage as well. Shocking really the TT can’t do a better job of stacking this team with good LBs when he was a LB himself. Awful.
  • Mike McCarthy called a bad game. I know there are limitations when you have a backup QB, but McCarthy just didn’t float well at all with the flow of the game. The number of passes he threw on 1st down especially with Flynn in there just didn’t make sense. The almost inevitable completions were leaving 2nd and 10 – and then he would call a running play that didn’t go anywhere. It happened several times and it just crushed the team and any momentum that we had.
  • McCarthy’s decision to bench Tolzien, however, was a good one. We needed a spark and it had become clear that Tolzien was just in over his head for this one.
  • Flynn did a great job leading us back into the game and played tough. His 4th and 6 pass was fantastic because he recognized the Vikes were offside and just chucked it – great play there. He made a few other plays that Tolzien likely wouldn’t have made. So I was glad to see him out there.
  • That said, Flynn does not have a strong arm. Wow. He clearly understands the offense which is nice but he threw a number of floaters out there.
  • Pass protection was really was not good today. Made it THAT much harder on Flynn and Tolzien. Though I have to say there were at least 3-4 plays where Flynn seemed to scrambled and/or roll out in the wrong direction – like a rusty QB probably would.
  • On that 4th and 3 in the overtime, the Packers should have never kicked a FG there. Was watching with Brother Steve and Brother Dan and Steve thought they needed to kick the FG. Totally disagree. The Packers had been terrible all game on D and getting a TD would have ended the game. Yes, if they didn’t get it that would have given the Vikes the ball – but at least there would have been pressure on them because they were backed up deep in their own territory.
  • Once again – can’t say the season is quite over but my confidence in this team is super low. And I have to say I’m afraid my concerns about the defense before the season have been validated. Still though, incredibly, because of the ineptitude of the Bears and Lions, we’re still in this thing. And if we get Rodgers back, we could turn things around hopefully pretty fast. Though the prospect of making a big run even with Rodgers has dimmed given the performances of our defense.

5 Responses to “Game Thoughts Packers/Vikes”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Yeah, I gotta agree. Capers has been here since 2009. Except for 2010, every defense he’s fielded has been mediocre to awful. Time for someone fresh.

  2. Frank G Says:

    Ties are bad…losses are worse. TT needs to be cut some slack, in my opinion. The Packers are wracked with injuries. Most would have gone unnoticed with the incomparable AR still behind center and not watching from the sidelines. TT should be hammered for not bringing in a capable backup though…that killed the Packers in these last 4 games. No excuse for relying on the washed up and out-of-shape Wallace to lead the team.

    The defense has been exposed yet again. A change is in order. They are a mess…and have been for the last 3 years. As much as they hate to hear it, they are, without a doubt, Stay Puft soft.

  3. wilsonmaywick Says:

    If the Packers were planning to pay Raji big money next year, they need to back off and cut him. He and Pickett are terrible. I know the defense took offense to being called soft after last season, but that is what they are. Toby freakin Gerhart looked like the second coming of Peterson out there. Unacceptable.

  4. Dave K Says:

    Last week after the game I posted on this site that this Vikings game was Capers last chance and should be on the hot seat. This defense has faced some of the worst offenses in the league the last three weeks have been totally exposed. It’s nice to think that if Rodgers comes back this team can make a run at a championship… I just don’t think so with this defense. At some point in the playoffs this defense will need to stop the likes of Kaepernick, Wilson, Brees. It just isnt going to happen. The warts are exposed and that may be a good thing for this team in the long run. Let’s not waste Rodgers prime with def units that scuttle each years chance at a Super Bowl run. Time for Darren Perry to get his shot.

  5. Dave in Tucson Says:

    For me, this was a very frustrating game watching the defense. Twice, the Vikings started a drive inside their own 5 yard line. A golden opportunity to get a 3+out, and get the ball back to the offense with great field position. Instead, both times the Vikings drove for field goals.

    And then in overtime, we were one stop on defense away from winning the game. Instead, the Vikings drove 63 yards (converting a 3rd and 9 in the process) for the tying field goal.

    More generally, it’s one thing to give up 146 yards to Adrian Peterson. It’s a whole nother thing to give up another 91 to Toby Gerhart, or let Christian Ponder pass for 233 yards with only 9 incompletions.

    Gerhart and Ponder are guys even a mediocre defense should be able to shut down.

    Related: Capers get’s McCarthy’s vote of confidence. So, there’s that.

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