It’s been a long time since…


we’ve watched a QB miss a totally wide open 10 yard pass like Tolzien just did Ugh.


2 Responses to “It’s been a long time since…”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Feel like that’s game. Any way the offense can put up 3 scores while holding the Eagles scoreless?

    Ah, well. Matt Flynn next week?

  2. Lynn Dickey Says:

    You can’t hang this loss on Tolzien. The pick was ugly but fortunately nothing came of it. You give this kid a full week of reps and he beats Wallace and an injured Flynn for the starting gig.

    This loss is on the D/ST. Crosby missing kicks, D playing putrid and giving up 14 points on long bombs.

    Of course, as I’m typing, Tolzien throws anoth INT. Bring on Matt Flynn and his noodle arm I guess.

    But this team seriously needs to kick old man Capers to the curb. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the Super Bowl team’s D was good in spite of Capers, not because of him.

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