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Mulumba looks good out there

October 20, 2013

Tough player. 


Weeden looks awful

October 20, 2013

Missing tons of passes. This will be a blowout. 

Terrible call by triplette

October 20, 2013

Not surprising. hes a bad ref. 

Cobb out 8 weeks

October 15, 2013

Read here. Despite what I understood initially to be reports that Cobb’s injury shouldn’t keep him out THAT long, apparently Cobb broke his fibula, has been placed on IR/Designated to Return (not season-ending IR), and will miss at least 8 weeks. This is bad news. I think the Packers should seriously look at making a trade and bringing in a WR who can step in and make a difference right away. While TT is likely scouring grocery stores, car dealerships and insurance agencies for prospects, I think the best use of his time right now would be making a deal for an established, quality player. When both Cobb and Jones went down, it became abundantly clear to most Packer fans just how quickly injuries can alter the landscape. Now with Cobb out, we’re shaky right now and one injury away from being super thin at WR. On top of that, consider that the defense and special teams seem to be on the rise – so this might be the kind of year when taking a bit of a gamble would be smart. We have nearly $10M in cap space at the moment. I’d focus on the following players:

  • Kenny Britt TENN – by all accounts, this guy is a major head case/attitude guy so he’d be risky. But Tenn would love to get rid of this guy and get something for him as he has now been relegated to the #4 WR position despite still being listed as a starter on the team’s website. He can be REALLY good when he’s into it and would add a very interesting dimension to our offense. (Also, for some reason I don’t worry much about head cases on the Packers because I think guys know when they come in that the second management gets a whiff of nonsense, they’ll be gone. And in this case, I’m guessing he’d be fired up to play with Rodgers as the quarterbacking in Tenn hasn’t exactly been stellar in recent years.)
  • Hakeem Nicks NYG – Giants are apparently shopping him and he can still play. He would give us a size dimension too that could be helpful.
  • Josh Gordon Cleve – this guy is a very good player and the Cleve would be willing to listen to suitors.
  • Eddie Royal SD – he may not be a marque name but he is fast and super quick, like Cobb, so he might be a good match to fill that role. And when Cobb comes back, he’d be a great guy to have for depth….and he’d be cheap.
  • Kendall Wright TENN – Wright is a good player. He is fast, quick and has loads of potential…and he’s only 23. However, he has bumped Britt out of the starting lineup and Tenn may not be willing to part with him.


UPDATE: Packers move Myles White and Jake Stonebrunner up from the practice squad. Ugh.


Fascinating Cutler stat

October 15, 2013

Just heard a very interesting stat about Jay Cutler. Sometimes I listen to The Score (AM 670 in Chicago) just to get a pulse on all things Bears. It is usually highly entertaining. Anyway, someone was on there today and said that Cutler is 25-2 as a starter against sub-.500 teams. I assume then that his record against teams over .500 is quite poor. (Here is evidence for this from last year.) I find this fascinating – though I suppose it shouldn’t be too surprising because it kind of makes sense. Over the years, it has appeared to me as though Cutler only had the mental wherewithal to win games against weaker opponents, in part because he gets “psyched out”, to borrow from 80s vernacular, in bigger/tougher games (often games laced with errors, picks, fumbles, etc). I also think the mix of coaches over the years has played a role in that. But this year seems different to me. And I think head coach Marc Trestman has a lot to do with that. I don’t know much about the guy – not sure anyone does – but I just get the sense that he gets it. Watching him on the sidelines, he doesn’t have that deer-in-the-headlights look that Lovie often had. And from what I’ve heard/read about the Bears, I think there is finally an almost father-figure in place now to help balance Cutler some. Cutler has struck me for years as being immature in his actions and especially with his non-verbals. So I think he needed a father-figure type coach and he has that now in Trestman. I realize this is very subjective, but after watching their last few games, it seems like Culter has grown up or something recently. He is married now to a not-ugly woman, he lives in a pretty awesome house ($10,000 month rent) and he finally has a coach who has good offensive ideas and the ability to manage Cutler. Yes, he pretty much single-handedly lost the Detroit game – and he’ll have a few more like that – but he is a better QB now and he just might guide the Bears to a better record against better teams going forward. So far this year he has a respectable 95.8 QB rating (highest of his career) with 12 TDs and 6 picks. Not bad.



Cobb, Perry out

October 14, 2013

McCarthy apparently says Cobb to miss ‘multiple weeks‘ but Jones could return as soon as this coming week. Overall not as bad as both injuries seemed at first yesterday.

Nick Perry has a broken foot. So he will be out for a time – not the whole season but at least several weeks.

Unreal injury issues this year.


Game Thoughts Packers/Ravens

October 14, 2013
  • Solid victory for the team yesterday. A well-rounded effort.
  • I really like seeing Eddie Lacy run the ball. I think Franklin could be worked in too more effectively, but Lacy and the O-Line clearly have a working relationship different from just about any RB/O-Line combo in Green Bay since Ahman Green. I think Lacy’s ability to run and our offense’s new-found ability to eat up more clock time is having a direct, positive effect on our defense. The defense is more rested when they get out there and it’s really showing.
  • How spoiled we’ve become with Rodgers. I’m about to complain about his declining completion percentage…now at 64%. (Though yesterday, at least 3 of those incomplete passes were on Boykin not running the right route.) That’s a pretty good number for most QBs but I guarantee you Rodgers would be the first one who would tell you he hasn’t been as good passing the ball this year as he wants to be. His QB rating is 101.9 – also substandard for him.
  • Rodgers pass to Nelson for that second half TD was one of the most beautiful passes I’ve ever seen thrown. He threw that ball over 60 yards in the air and hit Nelson running in stride for the TD. An absolutely stunning pass really. Interestingly, the only other QB I think who could have thrown such a pass is Flacco. I don’t think he’s that great of a QB (definitely not worth what he’s being paid), but he can at times, throw a stunning deep ball.
  • The O-Line seems quite a bit more comfortable run blocking than pass blocking. While Rodgers did total 315 yards passing, he was sacked 3 times and fumbled twice (though we recovered both). Meanwhile, Lacy run for 120 against a defense that is supposed to be pretty good against the run. I have heard several people say that when running games seem to improve overnight, it’s likely attributable mostly, to having a good RB with good vision. Larry McCarren apparently said this yesterday. I’m not sure I agree with that. Yes, I do think Lacy is proving to be as good as we thought he was – and this is incredibly refreshing. And both he and Franklin particular have shown some ability to make something out of nothing. But the fact that Starks ran for 100+ and then Frankllin did it in the following game…in just 1 half of football…at Cincy…suggests to me that this line is just really good at run blocking. I think they deserve a fair amount of the credit for what is looking like a real offensive transformation here.
  • The defense was awesome yesterday. Yes, that breakdown toward the end (which was not just a unlucky slip, but an odd alignment of the safeties), was problematic and it darn near cost us the game. But I’m willing to look past that to see the overall effort that was very, very good.
  • A.J. Hawk was an absolutely monster yesterday – and it wasn’t just the sacks. He was all over the place. It was really…weird. It was almost as though having the other young LBs in there freed Hawk up somehow to do more – which indicates to me that Capers may have just picked the wrong starters to start the year.
  • Lattimore looked very good to me. His tackling for the most part, looked very sound.
  • Micah Hyde is a player. Not sure what his back story is but wow he did it all yesterday. You can tell by how he catches and see the fields on punts that he’s going to be good at it.
  • Having Burnett back there really helps. I think I am starting to better understand why TT valued him so highly and awarded him the nice renewed contract.
  • Mason Crosby is getting the job done. I really like to see it. I know I’ve been hard on him but that is because the numbers tell the truth – the guy has been a below average kicker over his career and he deserved criticism. But I am happy to see Crosby coming back here and delivering. Keep it up Mason.
  • Finley was quiet for most of the game until that huge play. What a great play call and execution by Rodgers and Finley. Rodgers threw that into a super tight window and Finley did his part advancing the ball. Though he definitely should have made sure to go down in-bounds. Not smart there.
  • I don’t know the latest on Cobb and Jones but if they’re out for an extended period of time that would really hurt. This may be a time for TT to dive in and do something reckless…like make a trade. There happen to be some pretty good WRs out there available. Kenny Britt (though attitude issues), Hakeem Nicks (apparently, as of this morning considered available), Josh Gordon. I know it won’t happen but if either or especially both of these guys are to be out for an extended period, we should really consider it.
  • I am getting the sense that we may be adding a new dimension here in the return game. As I noted, I think Hyde might just be the right guy as he seems to have a poise back there that only the elite return guys have. Some return guys stand back there and you can almost see the dread while others exude a command for the situation probably with the guiding thought that they are going to go ahead and change the game. Desmond Howard used to do that. (On the flip side, one of my favorite Packers ever, DeMond Parker, once admitted that catching punts scared the “crap” out of him or something to that effect.) I think a less heralded characteristic of great teams is quality special teams play and the Packers may be developing that.
  • Dom Capers was phenomenal yesterday. He prepared those players so well for that game it was scary. We knew what was coming and really, with the exception of that terrible 4th and 21 defensive play, the defense was smothering and made a team with a few decent weapons look like rookies.
  • My take on the 2013-2014 Packers is evolving. As you may know, I picked them to finish behind the Bears in the division and miss out on the playoffs at 9-7. While I still have some concerns about depth, especially now after some critical injuries, I’m beginning to develop a slight sense of optimism that our coaching staff may be a bit more tuned in this year than in past years. Yes our defense technically ranks middle of the pack (in terms of yards allowed etc), but I think they are playing well (especially the last 2 games) considering what seems like a hodgepodge of talent. While I’m not ready just yet to revise my prediction about the season if I’m even allowed to do that, I was really encouraged by that victory yesterday. And I was especially encouraged by the fact that for the first time in what seems like a decade, we were able to simply run out a game. The Finley pass did help but Lacy really helped run out the game.

Lacy coached up by Rodgers on that slide. Great play

October 13, 2013

Finally. They called a Rodgers run !

October 13, 2013

Now run it out here

October 13, 2013

Play action rodgers run the other way.