Tony Gonzalez to Packers?


Packergeeks starting another trade rumor. I haven’t heard this one yet – though if someone else has already put this out there I wouldn’t be surprised because it makes sense.

  • Apparently, despite Packergeeks dire preseason outlook, the Packers appear to be headed for a deep playoff run if they continue to play like they are playing.
  • And Tony Gonzalez really wants to win a Super Bowl more than anything.
  • Though I don’t know all of the details, the Packers do have some cap space (and probably a number of picks to trade…)
  • Gonzalez is still playing like an elite TE. While he’s had a few off games this year in good part because of constant double teams (with Julio Jones and Roddy White out or less than 100%, teams have been doubling up Gonzalez) – he’s also had a few monster games and remains a major threat whenever he’s on the field. He knows what he’s doing out there and is a master at finding the open spot in a zone.
  • I think Gonzalez would jump at the chance to play with Rodgers – and Rodgers would be really excited to have a guy who could likely step in fast and make a difference.
  • Finley isn’t coming back this year.
  • Watching Quarless – I just don’t have the feeling that he can be the guy to step in for Finley. The loss of Finley hurts this offense and unless Bostik or Stonebrunner show something fast, I think we’ll continue to feel this loss because Quarless won’t be the guy.
  • While TT no doubt has concerns that ANYONE new to the team could affect the team negatively (which explains why 50 of the 53 players on the roster have ONLY played for the Packers) – the fact is, by all accounts, Gonzalez is a great locker room guy and he could add a welcome veteran presence among a group of mostly youngsters. (Though I could see TT being reluctant to do this because he wouldn’t want the story to become about Gonzalez’ quest for that elusive Super Bowl ring…)

Make an offer for the guy Ted.

2 Responses to “Tony Gonzalez to Packers?”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Unlike a lot of your free agent trade ideas, this seems like a good idea to me, too. 😉 And I agree, I think Gonzalez would jump at a chance to play with the Packers, and he would be a huge addition to our offense.

    The biggest problem I see is I’m not sure there’s any overlap between what the Packers would be willing to trade for him, vs. what the Falcons would be willing to take for him.

    He’d be pretty much coming on board for whatever’s left of the regular season, along with the playoff run. What kind of draft pick is that worth? Third round, maybe? With a conditional bump to second if GB gets to the championship game?

    Meanwhile, the Falcons are a mess, and I’m not sure they’d trade TG unless someone was willing to give away the store in return. On the other hand, maybe they’d reckon that something is better than nothing, and go for a lesser trade. As you say, it can’t hurt to call and make an offer. The worst they can do is say no.

  2. Dave K Says:

    It’d cost them about $3m in cap space to take on his contract. There is always a opportunity cost when you spend $3m on any player. That opportunity cost would be $3m less to extend Raji or Shields which are due to become free agents. TT has $10m in cap space and if he wants to extend either during this cap year it would take most of that remaining space.

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