Game Thoughts Packers/Vikings

  • Satisfying win. The much better team won easily – and that is what should have happened.
  • Lacy is a beast. He just plods along and gets yards. It’s impressive how he does it but sometimes it’s not always apparent to me just HOW he ends up getting the yards he gets. A very effective back for this team.
  • Rodgers is hugely talented. He threw some special passes tonight that I really don’t think any QB in the NFL could have thrown. Brees – maybe. But Peyton’s arm isn’t strong enough and Brady officially just sucks now it seems. Maybe Cutler. Anyway, he is just a fantastic QB and is really leading this team.
  • Rodgers is great. He maintains a healthy lead over Steve Young in career QB rating – 104.9 to 96.8.
  • Our defense is strong. I think having Burnett back there has really solidified the defense – like there is now a commander back there when there wasn’t in the first few games without him.
  • Micah Hyde continues to impress. That was a great return at a key moment in the game. I’m sure it was a part of the game the Vikes had not planned on having to worry about.
  • I really like having the Lacy/Starks duo out there. Let Lacy run wild in the first half and then bring Starks in there in the second half fresh to do some damage. Starks is not a great RB by any means but he runs hard and if he comes in after the defense has had to contend with Lacy for a half, dealing with Starks running style has to at least be annoying, or more accurately, punishing.
  • Crosby is looking really confident this year. It seems like his routine and his technique looks more polished this year than in past years. I’m sure some article somewhere has been written about him this year, but I’m wondering if he did modify his technique. Just looks simplified and obviously, far more effective.
  • McCarthy and Capers again deserve a lot of credit for getting these guys ready for the game – and for coaching up the younger guys in particular. While Myles White definitely looked lost on a few plays out there, he still did some damage and the rest of the young guys have just stepped in and played.
  • Excitement should be tempered though after a win like this. The Vikings are positively awful.

8 Responses to “Game Thoughts Packers/Vikings”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Another gift DPI call. I guess the refs never saw a pass they’d call unchatchable.

  2. RayMidge Says:

    The transformation of this team is remarkable. They have become a punishing, physical team on both sides of the ball. The sky is the limit.

  3. Dave K Says:

    The defensive line is just outstanding this year. It’s making a huge difference for this defense. How this 3-4 defense functions with only one starting LB left is amazing. Credit Ted Thompson for churning the bottom of the roster with draft picks to find guys that have talent and credit Dom Capers for getting these kids ready to play. The unit could be very good once they get some players back.

    Some of the throws Rodgers makes are unbelievable. Most QB’s don’t even make the attempt given the coverage. And, he is doing it under duress on most plays. This o-line can run block well at times but pass protection just was not that good last night. Rodgers had very few clean pockets. Barclay is going to be a problem going forward against good teams. He was abused last night in pass protection.

    This team could make a run if they get healthy at the end. I have doubts though they can go into New Orleans, Seattle, or San Fran and get a win. Regular season record and playoff seeding is going to be important.

    Greg Jennings. What an awful awful decision he made. From what I read he always had the offer from the Packers to come back and ended up going to MN for about the same money. Pride is a dangerous thing.

    On to Bear’s week.

  4. Trav Says:

    I am loving the Lacy era thus far and also like having Starks as a “change of pace” back. Bringing him in here and there, given his injury history, I think will pay off over the remaining games.

    “Next man up” continues to amaze me.

    Rodgers – No words to describe what he is doing now.

    Final note – Way to be a “leader” Greg Jennings and leave the locker room before it was open to reporters. Next best move would have been to send his sister in there to speak for him. 1 reception for 9 yards. Love it.

  5. wilsonmaywick Says:

    My highlight of the game? Reading Jared Allen’s lips on sideline: “This is the worst defense I’ve ever played on.” Love. It.

  6. 56coop Says:

    Was going to address what seems to be sloppy special teams (defending against kickoff/punt returns especially) but I think it was Chris who mentioned it during the broadcast that when you have so many guys starting that are normally just special teamers it’s going to affect coverage.

    Absolutely amazed at what this team has accomplished over the past few years. They have become the “poster child” for next man up. Hope we can make a deep playoff run and if players can come back & stay healthy that is a very distinct possibility.

    Really need to do 6-0 in divisional games as Detroit seems to be keeping pace. Wouldn’t hurt anything to beat Dallas either after Detroits win yesterday,

  7. Trav Says:

    Agreed on the Jared Allen lip reading. Especially sweet after watching him destroy the O-Line a few years ago and be a general d-bag in the process.

  8. Dave K Says:

    It’d cost them about $3m in cap space to take on his contract. There is always a opportunity cost when you spend $3m on any player. That opportunity cost would be $3m less to extend Raji or Shields which are due to become free agents. TT has $10m in cap space and if he wants to extend either during this cap year it would take most of that remaining space.

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