Cutler, Briggs both out at least 4 weeks


While it’s never a “good thing” when someone is hurt, these injuries should help the Packers in a couple weeks. The Packers play the Bears Nov 4 on Monday night and having Briggs and Cutler out should make things a bit easier. Cutler has had a good year this year and Briggs has a good year every year.


3 Responses to “Cutler, Briggs both out at least 4 weeks”

  1. 56coop Says:

    For some reason I just had a thought,, which my wife would tell you can be dangerous. I wonder how a Holmgren/Rodgers team would have been. Obviously Holmgren was the only coach that could settle Favre down enough to at least act like there was a game plan. What if he could have avoided all that and had Rodgers level headedness.
    I appreciate all Brett did for the franchise but I’ll.have to admit my fingernails are a bit longer with Rodgers under center. Thoughts?

  2. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    Coop – i don’t need to devil’s-advocate you to the point of suggesting it wouldn’t have been a hell of a tandem — but i think it’s important to realize that holmgren/favre worked because they both challenged each other.

    i think the fact that neither of them duplicated their success after parting ways speaks to this fact.

    i bet most of the time, it was:

    brett: come on mike! lemme throw the post!
    mike: shut up brett, just run the hb draw.

    (result – 4 yard gain rather than game-changing int.)

    but i also bet that every once in a while it was:

    brett: come on, mike! lemme throw the post!
    mike: shut up brett. … well… okay… i guess you can give it a shot just this once….

    (result – game changing touchdown instead of 4 yard gain)

    if they had kept working together though, i think they both knew they would have eventually ended up killing each other. or getting married and moving to brazil.

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