Fascinating Cutler stat


Just heard a very interesting stat about Jay Cutler. Sometimes I listen to The Score (AM 670 in Chicago) just to get a pulse on all things Bears. It is usually highly entertaining. Anyway, someone was on there today and said that Cutler is 25-2 as a starter against sub-.500 teams. I assume then that his record against teams over .500 is quite poor. (Here is evidence for this from last year.) I find this fascinating – though I suppose it shouldn’t be too surprising because it kind of makes sense. Over the years, it has appeared to me as though Cutler only had the mental wherewithal to win games against weaker opponents, in part because he gets “psyched out”, to borrow from 80s vernacular, in bigger/tougher games (often games laced with errors, picks, fumbles, etc). I also think the mix of coaches over the years has played a role in that. But this year seems different to me. And I think head coach Marc Trestman has a lot to do with that. I don’t know much about the guy – not sure anyone does – but I just get the sense that he gets it. Watching him on the sidelines, he doesn’t have that deer-in-the-headlights look that Lovie often had. And from what I’ve heard/read about the Bears, I think there is finally an almost father-figure in place now to help balance Cutler some. Cutler has struck me for years as being immature in his actions and especially with his non-verbals. So I think he needed a father-figure type coach and he has that now in Trestman. I realize this is very subjective, but after watching their last few games, it seems like Culter has grown up or something recently. He is married now to a not-ugly woman, he lives in a pretty awesome house ($10,000 month rent) and he finally has a coach who has good offensive ideas and the ability to manage Cutler. Yes, he pretty much single-handedly lost the Detroit game – and he’ll have a few more like that – but he is a better QB now and he just might guide the Bears to a better record against better teams going forward. So far this year he has a respectable 95.8 QB rating (highest of his career) with 12 TDs and 6 picks. Not bad.




2 Responses to “Fascinating Cutler stat”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Yeah, I noticed the Bears are 1-3 this year against teams that don’t suck.

    So unless the Vikings have a miraculous turn around, it looks like the NFC North will come down to the Packers and Lions with (IMO) the Packers having the advantage (assuming no more injuries to key players).

    The bad news is, it sure looks like the Saints and Seahawks have the inside track for the top two seeds.

    So my best current guess for the NFC seeding:
    1/2 Saints and Seahawks, ordering to be determined later
    3. Packers
    4. NFC East winner. Cowboys would be my guess right now.
    5. 49ers
    6. Best of the rest. Lions, maybe?

    Especially the last couple of games, I think this has been the Packers have played since 2010. If they can stay healthy, get Cobb and Matthews back in time for the playoffs, they can be primed to make another run.


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