Cobb out 8 weeks


Read here. Despite what I understood initially to be reports that Cobb’s injury shouldn’t keep him out THAT long, apparently Cobb broke his fibula, has been placed on IR/Designated to Return (not season-ending IR), and will miss at least 8 weeks. This is bad news. I think the Packers should seriously look at making a trade and bringing in a WR who can step in and make a difference right away. While TT is likely scouring grocery stores, car dealerships and insurance agencies for prospects, I think the best use of his time right now would be making a deal for an established, quality player. When both Cobb and Jones went down, it became abundantly clear to most Packer fans just how quickly injuries can alter the landscape. Now with Cobb out, we’re shaky right now and one injury away from being super thin at WR. On top of that, consider that the defense and special teams seem to be on the rise – so this might be the kind of year when taking a bit of a gamble would be smart. We have nearly $10M in cap space at the moment. I’d focus on the following players:

  • Kenny Britt TENN – by all accounts, this guy is a major head case/attitude guy so he’d be risky. But Tenn would love to get rid of this guy and get something for him as he has now been relegated to the #4 WR position despite still being listed as a starter on the team’s website. He can be REALLY good when he’s into it and would add a very interesting dimension to our offense. (Also, for some reason I don’t worry much about head cases on the Packers because I think guys know when they come in that the second management gets a whiff of nonsense, they’ll be gone. And in this case, I’m guessing he’d be fired up to play with Rodgers as the quarterbacking in Tenn hasn’t exactly been stellar in recent years.)
  • Hakeem Nicks NYG – Giants are apparently shopping him and he can still play. He would give us a size dimension too that could be helpful.
  • Josh Gordon Cleve – this guy is a very good player and the Cleve would be willing to listen to suitors.
  • Eddie Royal SD – he may not be a marque name but he is fast and super quick, like Cobb, so he might be a good match to fill that role. And when Cobb comes back, he’d be a great guy to have for depth….and he’d be cheap.
  • Kendall Wright TENN – Wright is a good player. He is fast, quick and has loads of potential…and he’s only 23. However, he has bumped Britt out of the starting lineup and Tenn may not be willing to part with him.


UPDATE: Packers move Myles White and Jake Stonebrunner up from the practice squad. Ugh.



One Response to “Cobb out 8 weeks”

  1. mike5371d Says:

    Looks like MM & TT can read the future…

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