Offense weird today


Packers have rushed it 16 times to only 11 passes. Sure Lacy has done reasonably well with 52 yards on 12 carries – but I’m wondering if our offense is suffering in part because of our determination to establish a running game. I can’t really fault the team for wanting to create a solid running game – smart for many reasons including making things easier on our defense (because we keep the ball for longer, giving them a rest). But it seems to be throwing Rodgers/the passing offense off a little bit. Rodgers only has 88 yards passing with is just plain weird for him in a half of football anymore.

Again, I’m in on the idea of establishing a better running game, but I’m guessing we’ll have a bit of a transition here for the next few games as we do. We are so totally unaccustomed to having a decent ground game so this whole process should feel weird.


2 Responses to “Offense weird today”

  1. 56coop Says:

    offense has been weird all season so far. Rodgers passing is off, lots of drops, etc. Just had a customer come in. Doesn’t appear I missed a whole lot other that D. Will have to go home & watch DVR replay. Seems either off. is hot or D is hot but not both simultaneously very often. Early yet, lot’s of football left today and in the season. Hope they get in sync, soon.

  2. Manny Says:

    I love Arod but when are we going to stop making excuses for him and when are we going to start holding him accountable for the offenses’ struggles. It feels eerily similar to the Sherm/Favre era when #4 could do no wrong (ever!) and it was always Javon ran the wrong route or Double D turned in when he should’ve cut outside…

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