Game Thoughts Packers/Lions

  • Slow first half. Defenses both played really well. As frustrated as we all were with the Packers offense, there were a number of plays when Detroit’s D just seemed to know what was coming. They looked really good, surprisingly good, early on.
  • I like that our running game is really taking off here. As I noted earlier, we will likely experience a transition period here as we try to figure out how to best balance a running game with our already special passing game. We haven’t had a running game forever so this will be interesting for all of us to watch as it evolves. Ultimately, it is a very positive thing that we have a running game now. Not only will it give the offense better overall balance, but it will give us much needed rest for our defense. I think if we can figure out a way to use Lacy and Franklin effectively as a duo – we could suddenly have a scary good running game.
  • Rodgers really picked it up in the second half and had some of his truly special kinds of throws. That pass to Jones for what should have been his second TD (had he paid attention to his feet – odd he just seemed to watch himself step out of bounds on that one). But that pass was one that only a few QBs can throw so accurately. I really liked seeing Rodgers just take command out there and get it done. Encouraging game for him.
  • How about Mason Crosby? I love it. I have been his greatest detractor because I should have been – and we all should have been. He’s been a borderline terrible kicker – especially compared with other available kickers. (And the kickoff argument doesn’t work anymore – he doesn’t even kick off). That said, I don’t dislike the guy and I do like to see him just getting the job done this year. He looked really good today and I’m guessing he’ll get the game ball.
  • The defense looked very tough today. They were just fantastic. They struggled with a few 3rd down situations but overall, they shut down a pretty potent offense (even without Calvin). Importantly, they got pressure on Stafford – probably the biggest key to that game before the game. 5 sacks (and only 1 by Matthews). Nicely done D.
  • I liked McCarthy’s playcalling and overall coaching approach today. He was aggressive when he should have been. Even though the offense should have scored more perhaps, I do think this Detroit team was very different from the ones we’ve faced in recent years – they’re good. I think this is a very positive victory for the team.

6 Responses to “Game Thoughts Packers/Lions”

  1. Barutan Seijin Says:

    I’m still a Crosby skeptic. He’s always kicked OK at Lambeau and it was a nice, sunny day. I’ll give him credit for the 52 & 45 yarders because the longer kicks are tougher, especially for him. I fully expect Missin’ to show up later in the season unless McCarthy is very conservative with him.

  2. RayMidge Says:

    Mike Neal?! Who saw him coming?

    There is more talent on the D line and thats where D success begins.

    Cobb is probably the best single weapon in the favre/ rodgers era (at least since peak javon walker) and nelson and jones have matured into reliable, relentless WRs. Best group in the NFL.

    This team has a real chance to be there when it matters. Its a complete team, if they can stay healthy.

    • awhayes Says:

      Agreed re Cobb. He can’t be defended he’s just too quick. Reminds me of Darren Sproles – when used the right way a very dangerous weapon. Also yes, nice to see Neal get in there. QB pressure will really help this defense manage their side of the game more effectively. And nice to see Perry get a couple sacks too.

  3. Trav Says:

    Are we going to have any linebackers for next week? Heard that Matthews broke his thumb and it’s unclear if he can play. Jones has a hamstring issue (as an aside – is it me or does this team have an inordinate amount of hamstring problems?), and then the normal bumps and bruises after a game. Great win, but worried about our health by next Sunday.

    • awhayes Says:

      Wonder that too Trav. Concerning. Jones is out, Matthews may be out and even backup Robert Francois is now out for the season. We are super thin there. Should trade to get Bishop back!

  4. Schaefer Says:

    yea we need some more Linebackers….but what about an old back-up QB

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