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I agree with Aikman re Nelson hit

September 22, 2013

I’m not sure that hit on Rodgers was the classic foolish penalty I was thinking of when talking about Cincy’s tendency to commit stupid/untimely penalties etc. Was not a helmet to helmet hit (though I guess opting to hit Rodgers high there was probably not too smart).


Marvin Lewis curse waking up

September 22, 2013

Like Jim Schwartz, whose teams are cursed by things like stupid penalties, I sort of forgot when the Pack was down 14-0 and I said chances are slim we win this game – that we’re playing Cincy. It’s no coincidence that teams led by poor coaches like Lewis find ways to lose games they should win – sometimes in shocking fashion.

I’m loving the fight in the Packers today. Just loving it.


September 22, 2013

Nicely done – welcome to the NFL Jonathan!

Franklin getting an opportunity here!

September 22, 2013

Take it Jonathan and run. BUT DON’T GET INJURED!

Starks out?

September 22, 2013

Just read on that Starks left the game with a knee injury and his return is questionable. Not good.

What we’re seeing is Mike Zimmer here

September 22, 2013

I am really pleased the Pack has come back to take the lead here. Impressive. The defense confronted a brutal situation to start the game by stepping up and wreaking havoc, causing turnovers etc. I love it. And I like to see the fire and sense of urgency after questionably plays. Good teams shouldn’t be happy when they aren’t dominating.

And while I am very much concerned by our how offense is playing – we look really bad/out of sync (with the exception of Starks and O-Line run blocking – I think what we’re seeing is the smarts of Cincy D Coordinator Mike Zimmer. It is crazy that this guy hasn’t been lured away from Cincy to be a head coach somewhere.  They are jamming passing lanes and taking advantage of their D-Line’s huge advantage over our O-Line on pass plays. Not sure what is going on but Rodgers has been sacked 3x and he’s been pressured a bunch.

I think Rodgers also is missing Finley. I think he’s a big part of the offense this year and when he went out it was as if Rodgers lost a safety net.

Really bad play call there on 3rd down

September 22, 2013

That was a Mike Sherman 3rd down give up play there to Jordy. Dumb play call. At least take a shot to the endzone – or somewhere close to it.

Really like that Starks has 54 yards rushing

September 22, 2013

His bullish running I think is opening up the passing game for Rodgers here a bit. I’m starting to wonder if our O-Line, despite another shaky start, and despite the changes on the line this year, may be a pretty good run blocking group.

Rodgers/McCarthy spat

September 22, 2013

I like seeing that. Rodgers is frustrated probably to some extent with the play calling but he’s also probably frustrated with his own play – which has been poor. But I like to see that fire between. They ought to be frustrated because our offense has looked really shaky so far

And now look – the offense seems to have picked it up here. I’m sensing a TD on this drive.

McMillan and Jennings have been good today

September 22, 2013

After being criticized pretty heavily the last couple games, they’ve come out to play today.