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Franklin’s stats today

September 22, 2013

9 rushes 92 yards and 3 catches for 23 yards. All in one half.


Franklin has an incredible sense for the game

September 22, 2013

He has eluded so many tackles based purely on his sense for the game – and ability to see openings when things seem shut down. He is really making a statement today. To the point where I honestly think he may need to get consideration to be the starter. He’s playing that well.

Wild game here

September 22, 2013

Hilarious to block an extra point. Nice – that could make a difference in the game.

Rodgers needs to start playing better. That last pick was a pretty good play by Leon Hall but still Rodgers has not been great today. He needs a big play here down the stretch to give us some separation again. No FGs on this drive, I want a TD.

Bernard and Franklin look like seasoned veterans

September 22, 2013


Awesome blitz call there!

September 22, 2013

I love that call there. Especially with Tramon because you know he’ll get home faster than anyone else (when he’s committed anyway).

What was Jones doing there?

September 22, 2013

Easy pick for Newman there. That’s Jones fault clearly. Not at a good time either.

Green getting away with massive push-offs

September 22, 2013

That is twice on that drive that Green pushed off to get free. Aikman is wrong on that one as Green’s push off got him the separation he needed.

Officials not helping us much right now.

Rodgers lucky to escape injury there – great TD pass

September 22, 2013

We are so lucky Rodgers didn’t get hurt there. Wow.


September 22, 2013

What an incredible run there. Aikman wrong again – it wasn’t patience that created that run, it was all Franklin making a cut. That was poor blocking and Franklin just had the sense to see a hole going back the other way. Awesome run.

Ugh- injuries really taking their toll

September 22, 2013

Matthews with a hamstring issue is not good news. Of all injuries hamstring injuries really stink because they are really limiting and once “healed” it can be easy to just injure it again.