What we’re seeing is Mike Zimmer here


I am really pleased the Pack has come back to take the lead here. Impressive. The defense confronted a brutal situation to start the game by stepping up and wreaking havoc, causing turnovers etc. I love it. And I like to see the fire and sense of urgency after questionably plays. Good teams shouldn’t be happy when they aren’t dominating.

And while I am very much concerned by our how offense is playing – we look really bad/out of sync (with the exception of Starks and O-Line run blocking – I think what we’re seeing is the smarts of Cincy D Coordinator Mike Zimmer. It is crazy that this guy hasn’t been lured away from Cincy to be a head coach somewhere.  They are jamming passing lanes and taking advantage of their D-Line’s huge advantage over our O-Line on pass plays. Not sure what is going on but Rodgers has been sacked 3x and he’s been pressured a bunch.

I think Rodgers also is missing Finley. I think he’s a big part of the offense this year and when he went out it was as if Rodgers lost a safety net.


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