Did the Packers iffy D make the 49ers look legit?


I can’t help but wonder if the lack of quality of the Packers D is what made the 49ers look so good in game 1. I’ve been watching the Colts absolutely crush the 49ers today – in San Fran. The San Fran offense is positively pathetic. They have been totally shut down – Kaepernick has 98 yards passing. Throw in there Seattle’s handling of the 49ers offense in game 2 and it makes one wonder if the reason San Fran went nuts on the Packers and didn’t do anything in the next 2 games is because the Packers D is that weak.

One Response to “Did the Packers iffy D make the 49ers look legit?”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    There’s no question that the Packers’ pass D is soft. But I think that teams have learned they need to key in on Anquan Boldin. Another big part of the 49ers problem is that Kaepernick, for whatever reason, isn’t running like he did last year. And when he doesn’t run, and doesn’t have Boldin to throw to, Kaepernick has been just another guy.

    Another big problem is the 49ers defense just isn’t as good as it was the first 13 games last year, either. And with who-knows-what going on with Aldon Smith, that’s not likely to get better.

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