Packers should trade for RB David Wilson


On the surface, this may seem like another foolish, poorly-thought-out idea by me – but the more I think about it the more I believe it would be worthwhile. And here’s why:

  • As an investor (and a fantasy football participant), I think this would be a fantastic buy low opportunity.
  • Right now, Wilson’s stock with Tom Coughlin and the Giants couldn’t possibly be lower. Coughlin HATES fumbling and Wilson has had some terribly timed fumbles in his short career – highlighted by last night. There is evidence that Coughlin and the Giants may have already given up on him (because of last night AND last year) in that they are apparently bringing in some veteran RBs for tryouts tomorrow.
  • The Packers are not sure what Eddie Lacy will bring to the table. He kept running hard yesterday which was nice but he was just not that productive – averaging less than 3 yards per carry. Yes some of that was on the O-Line, but a good bit of it was iffy running. I’m not saying cut him out of the picture or anything crazy – just add another player with a different skillset.
  • I think fumbling tendencies can be fixed – and sometimes it pays to simply do a cost/benefit analysis. If the guy can bring THAT much more offense with an occasional fumble he may be worth a gamble.
  • A duo like Wilson and Lacy could be difficult to stop given that they offer two totally different running styles. I say give it a shot – offer up a draft pick or a player.

4 Responses to “Packers should trade for RB David Wilson”

  1. robert a. schnell Says:

    I respectfully disagree with your suggestion. I feel doing as you recommend will send the wrong message to Lacy and Franklin, and perhaps the rest of the rookies on the team. Their careers are just starting….they have only a single game under their belt. We need to show confidence in them upfront, this in-turn will build group cohesion and dedication, and in the end, in my opinion, will pay-off.

    • Dave in Tucson Says:

      I agree pretty much 100%. We drafted Lacy and Franklin, and gave Lacy the start. Especially as rookies, they deserve the chance to prove themselves, and that surely means more than one game.

      • awhayes Says:

        I’m not suggesting we even demote these rookies necessarily. I’m just saying we could add another guy (not even Wilson necessarily) to the mix that could really give us a different dimension/style. And at the same time doing this could improve the level of competition at the position. We lost depth and that different dimension/style when Harris got hurt.

  2. Dave K Says:

    I saw a good bit more of iffy run blocking then I did of bad running by Lacy. I’m not sure A.P. would have gotten much more then 30 yards in the first half. Lacy needs a bit to get going and when he does he turns into a nightmare for defenses to get down.

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