Ted Thompson scratch golfer?


Read here. Interesting interview with TT by Mike Vandermause. A few things I thought were noteworthy:

  • TT used to be a scratch golfer in high school. Very impressive. As a golfer whose best handicap was a 3, I know just how hard it is to get that handicap down to scratch. That somewhat modifies my overall opinion of TT – impressive. (I can also guess at how TT plays the game – probably hits lots of irons off the tees in the name of “course management”. Decidedly not exciting but probably sensible. Brother Steve would frown upon that.)
  • TT’s comments about the ideal job being an area scout were interesting. When coupled with the comments about wanting to travel more (leisure travel, not scouting travel), it makes me wonder if he’ll hang it up when his contract expires in 2015. This would be about the right time frame for Brother Steve and I to prepare for our bid to take over as GMs.
  • His description of his relationship with McCarthy sounds like a healthy one. Again, not sure what else he’d say in a public interview, but it’s not hard to imagine their communication being as he described it – and it sounds positive.
  • I don’t agree with his take on the O-Line. Not sure what else he’d really say in a public interview I suppose, but our O-Line has been a bigger problem over the last few years than he seems to realize. Yes, it’s really hard to have a good O-Line in the NFL these days considering the talent of the defensive players etc. And yes, some of the sacks etc have simply been Rodgers fault – not the line’s fault. But our O-Lines of the past few years have been average at best at pass protection and they’ve been poor at opening holes in the running game. Even if some of the fault lies with poor running decisions by RBs, again, these O-Line groups have been below average overall and I think this is an area of the team that needs more attention from TT. (I know there are several of you that agree with this – RayMidge among them.) Remember how good the O-Lines were for the Giants and Patriots during their big years?  I think TT and staff need to do a better job of both sourcing O-Line talent and adding helpful free agents.
  • His comments about the defense also didn’t make much sense to me. To pretty much dismiss the question about the last 3 playoff losses and the role the defense played – just doesn’t make sense. Regardless of the metrics they are using to assess the defense, the defense has been a problem in the last few years. Throw in there now that we lost 2 defensive leaders in Bishop and Woodson and I think we as fans have very good reason to believe that the defense this year could be pretty bad. We’re going to have to rely on Rodgers and the offense to build leads changing the way opposing offenses play us.

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