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I’m pleased that the Packers have decided to apparently move forward with Vince Young over Harrell. While I can’t pretend to know what kind of development potential Harrell showed in practice, he was not impressive in the games (including the last one) and the bottom line is that Vince Young gives the team a better chance at winning if Rodgers were to get hurt.

I’ll be interested to see the team’s final roster. I was not overly impressed by the team from the small part of the game I saw last week. Even though I know preseason REALLY doesn’t matter for the Packers because Rodgers is only out there for a limited time – I remain skeptical as far as the team’s prospects overall this year. Usually at this time of year I am forced to temper my overly optimistic tendencies. Just not thinking that way this year. I really hope I’m way off here.



5 Responses to “Packer Thoughts”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Yeah, Harrell looked surprisingly crappy during his time on the field. If anything, he seems to have regressed from last year. I’m not sure that VY looked particularly amazing, but I guess he was at least better. I assume VY will play a big chunk of the KC game coming up, so he’ll have a chance to get into a rhythm. (I would assume Coleman will be pretty limited, and cut and/or practice squasded come next week.)

    As for the starters on offense, I was disappointed that they didn’t have any touchdowns on their, what, 6 drives they had with Rodgers under center.

    The defense looked kinda OK after the Cardinals game, I thought. With at least some flashes of being able to make plays. I’m definitely hoping for them to be better in the regular season. It was definitely nice to see Johnny Jolly out there with the first-string defense vs. the Seahawks. Besides being a great come-back story, I think he can be a real spark for a the defense, something they really need since Woodson is gone.

  2. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    i think this team has been very similar to the Giants in the last few years. mediocre (10-6ish) season, tough playoff run = superbowl/deep into playoffs / fantastic regular season = early playoff exit, ‘what happened?’ kind of feeling at the end.

    i’ve watched a total of about 8 seconds of preseason Packers this year. some guy named Banjo ran by the screen, i chuckled, and turned back to finish a conversation about toast.

    maybe that’s why i feel like the Packers might win the superbowl this year. i learned a couple years ago that paying attention to preseason Packers games is, for me, like paying attention to political news — all it does is get me negative about the universe, and in the end, it means absolutely nothing.

    i kind of like the fact that there’s some trepidation/uncertainty about this year.

  3. RayMidge Says:

    To add to what Joshy says above, in a lot of ways the preseason has become like the draft. The same points endlessly repeated, the focus on a few, predictable “stories” and eventually the nitpicking at every flaw and potential for disaster.

    The Pack is a veteran team with a great QB so they should be in the mix. I am not happy about the O-line (this is a consistent gripe of mine since about ’04) and I am eager to see the young defense take another step forward. Same as it ever was.

    If I have any nagging doubt it arises from the combination of: the very tough schedule, especially early; the improved NFC North; and, the Pack may be “due” for a bad year.

    So I expect 10-6, hope for 13-3 and brace for 6-10.

  4. 56coop Says:

    Hope they get some sort of backup, even if it’s resigning VY after 1st game. Hopefully they find something better though. I agree with Ray’s summation totally. Could be in for a long year. Would be nice to draft some O line guys that can stay healthy.

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