Vince Young to Packers?


That’s the word. I know Brother Steve would probably disagree with me on this, as would many Packer fans, but I think this is a good idea. Young has most likely moved beyond his immaturity issues and could be at that point in his career when he realizes it’s all or nothing. He knows that if he wants to make it somewhere he has to work his tail off and be committed. But the main reason why I wouldn’t mind Vince Young being a Packer is that the guy is a winner. He just wins. (Most people are surprised to learn that his NFL career W-L record is 29-21). I know he wasn’t stellar in his stint with the Eagles back in 2011, but I can’t shake the thought that when someone becomes accustomed to winning like Young has for most of his career, it becomes habit. Throw in there that he’d have the opportunity to learn from the best QB in the NFL, and from a good QB developer with an impressive offensive system in McCarthy – and this idea becomes interesting. I say give it a try – nothing to lose. (That said, I think Tyler Thigpen is also available – and he’s a guy I’ve always thought had talent. Might be a good backup to have around.)


3 Responses to “Vince Young to Packers?”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Have you forgotten this:

    Seriously, even in his prime I thought VY was kinda marginal. And he’s nowhere near his prime any more. The fact that the Packers organization are even vaguely considering bringing this guy on-board makes be wonder if they’re getting enough oxygen in Green Bay…

  2. Dave K Says:

    I think they wanted a 4th QB to run the scout teams read option. That seems to be a priority for the defense this training camp. Their first two regular season opponents run it. I doubt he makes the 53 unless they just don’t think Coleman can be a NFL QB.

  3. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Well, after watching the first preseason game, things are a little clearer. To be perfectly blunt, Graham Harrell stunk. He through a “what was he even thinking” pass that was an easy interception for Patrick Peterson, and later took an ugly sack-fumble, and generally looked pretty marginal even when he wasn’t doing something disastrous.

    At this point, I’m not sure there’s a down-side to cutting Harrell. I sure didn’t give the impression Thursday night that he has what it takes to win a game, and if he’s progressed in the 3+ seasons he’s been in Green Bay, it doesn’t show much.

    I think if VY can manage to look like an adequate backup in the next three weeks, the #2 job is probably his for the taking.


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