Bishop to be let go?


Read here from Tyler Dunne. You all already know how I feel about this possibility. It’s ridiculous. There has to be some more negative information somewhere about his health or something. While it can be difficult to fully recover from any injury that puts a player out for a full year, Bishop is only 28 years old. But of course the most concerning aspect of this possibility to me is that even if Bishop were playing at 40% and barely able to run, he’d be better than both Brad Jones and AJ Hawk!!!! How in the world could Bishop potentially be the odd man out here? I was a bit concerned when we dumped DJ Smith because I think he had more potential than Hawk or Jones. And I can’t believe Brad Jones was given the contract he was given. He is no better than average. While Hawk was pretty solid in the early part of last season, the second half of the season (when we needed him most) he reverted to the shoddy/inconsequential play that has characterized his career.

I hope this story has a happy ending – we not only need Bishop on the team, we need him as a starter and the leader of the defense…especially now that Woodson is gone.


One Response to “Bishop to be let go?”

  1. 56coop Says:

    Got to agree. Maybe they see something at “practice we dont. Gotta say they let Kampan, Jenkins & Barnett walk & I dont believe either one played the entire following season. Kinda early for such decisions. Glad I dont have you make them.

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