Favre accepting some blame, sort of…


Read here from ESPN. I’m very interested to see how this whole reconciliation/number retirement process goes. I know for several years now that Mark Murphy and the Packers have wanted to work toward putting an end to all this. And it has now been several years since Favre has been out of the NFL. But I suspect there are still a number of Packer fans that will struggle with all of this. I still struggle with this.

Here’s an interesting question in light of all of this: what would the collective Packer fan attitude be toward Favre and Ted Thompson right now if the Packers hadn’t won that Super Bowl a couple years back?

4 Responses to “Favre accepting some blame, sort of…”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Favre’s statement ” I was at fault” would carry a lot more weight (at least with me) if he hadn’t immediately followed it with “I feel that both sides had a part in it.” If he could just open his mouth without sounding like a self-centered jerk…

    As for Favre vs. Rodgers… they were faced with a choice between a guy with extraordinary talent, but who was, without question, nearing the end of his career (and, as it turned out, had about another season and a half of quality playing time left) vs. a young guy they had used a first round pick on, was coming up on the end of his contract, and had shown at least some ability to play at a high level.

    Football fans are very much a “what have you done for me lately” group. (Remember how it was after the loss to the Buccaneers in 2009, or the losses to the Redskins and Dolphins in 2010?) Obviously the fans would be (more) unhappy if there were no SB win in 2010, and would certainly latch onto any convenient excuse to lay blame.


  2. 56coop Says:

    Let it go. GB did what they had to do & Favre took issue. However Ron Wolfe fortunately had the foresight to bri.g him in, Majik got hurt & the rest is history. Retire. His Jersey, put him in the Ring & move on. He deserved it. BTW. D Bishop will be gone soon according to Rappaport.

    Good nite folks.

  3. AZWarrior Says:

    I thought Brett did a much better job in a follow on interview. It’s documented here: http://www.acmepackingcompany.com/2013/6/14/4430638/Brett-favre-packers-reunion-aaron-rodgers

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