The Charles Woodson Mystery


I know Charles Woodson has gotten older, he’s had injury issues and overall his performance has dropped some. And he has very evidently lost speed (which is concerning considering he was never super fast to begin with). But I’m surprised he hasn’t been picked up yet. The guy is a locker room leader and a field general. He commands instant respect from opposing QBs and offensive skill players – and most importantly, from young defenders on his own team. He’s a scary guy to throw at. But it is his unmatched football instincts that would have me calling if I were a GM of another team. He is a turnover machine because of these instincts – he just has a sense for the game that no young dude, no matter how athletically gifted, can match. Now, I can understand why the Packers got rid of him (primarily financial reasons, but also because I think his style no longer really fits our defense) and I can understand why prospective teams may be hesitant again given his age, his recent injuries and his salary demands. But I would think Woodson and some team could agree on a fair compensation deal (incentive-based) that would make both of them happy. I’m guessing it happens with the Broncos this weekend and I’m guessing he helps lead the Broncos deep into the playoffs next year.

Frankly, I’m surprised that the Bears haven’t pounced yet. I would think the temptation for a guaranteed 1-2 turnovers a game by the Woodson/Tillman duo would be too great. Can you imagine how awful it would be to catch a pass in a secondary with Tillman and Woodson running around?



3 Responses to “The Charles Woodson Mystery”

  1. Perseverance Runner Says:

    Better yet, why haven’t the packers tried to work a deal to bring him back?

  2. 56coop Says:

    I would guess Denver or Oakland may sign him @the right price but I wouldn’t mind seeing GB try to bring him back for one more year.

  3. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Unfortunately, CW is facing a number of age-related issues:

    * He’s slowing down, and moved to safety in 2012. Whatever shape he’s in now, it’s a safe bet he’s not going to be any faster in 2013

    * He’ll be more prone to injury, and slower to heal. The fact that he missed more than half of the 2012 season is probably a major red-flag to a lot of teams.

    * Even if he can still play at a high level, the number of games he has left is limited. He’ll be 37 in October. How much longer can he play at this point–a season? Two?

    I suspect these issues (even apart from whatever salary demands he’s making) will be a deal-breaker for most teams. Developing a young guy who can be a decent CB/Safety for 4 or 5 years is probably a better investment than hoping an aging superstar can still make a difference for a season or two.

    I’d love to see CW prove me wrong, though (on a team not on the Packers’ 2013 schedule, of course).


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