More info on Datone


If you want to read more about Datone, Tyler Dunne had this rather prophetic piece on Datone just a few days ago. Seems like a likeable guy who is hungry. All the talk about his relentless style has to have massive appeal to Packer fans especially when you consider “relentless” may be the best way to describe Matthews. Together they could make things awful for an opposing QB.



2 Responses to “More info on Datone”

  1. Navaho Boy Says:

    I heard a radio interview with “DatOne” today on 620TMJ in MKE. He really seems like #PackerPeople, very genuine and definitely hungry. I follow the draft pretty closely and this guy was NOT on my radar. Since looking at some youtubes, I’m very excited for his impact. Best part of all (maybe even better than his super positive, fun energy)… he’s very durable 🙂

  2. tangysizzl Says:

    GB has had smashing success drafting guys from California lately, Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews hopefully Nick Perry and next in line is Datone Jones and possibly RB Johnathan Franklin too.

    Great to see him talking about GB in the article, going so far as to envision himself in the lineup there. Very nice article Tyler Dunne.

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