Eddie Lacy too!


Wow. Hard to believe he dropped in the draft like this. Packer fans should be excited about the draft so far – and we’ve only made 2 picks. While I really like DuJuan Harris and think he could be great RB some day, I think pairing him with Lacy could really make for a unique running attack. Mix Starks in there for a random, different, upright style and defenses might finally have some trouble with our running game. This is a good draft pick.

(Dave in Tucson, I agree we now need to grab a few OL guys, but I think this is a good pick.)


7 Responses to “Eddie Lacy too!”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    I wonder how much more of a chance Starks is going to get? He seems to be pretty injury prone, and I don’t think he’s ever really duplicated that run of success he had in the 2010 playoffs.

    He may need a really solid off-season just to make the team this fall, especially if Lacy, Harris, or Green start to show promise.

    Yeah, I gotta say I’m shocked we’re going into the 4th round without any OL picks. I mean… 51 sacks allowed last year. Only the Cardinals had more. We just spent $120M on our QB… shouldn’t we spend something on his protection?


  2. RayMidge Says:

    Lacy/Franklin/Harris = Jacobs/Ward/Bradshaw crica 2008. Hopefully!

  3. Dave in Tucson Says:

    PFT: Starks on the trading block. I guess the only question is, is there a team sucker enough to trade for him before GB just cuts him?

  4. 56coop Says:

    I also heard they’re trying to shop Desmond Bishop. I find that a little odd.

  5. Dave K Says:

    The blueprint against the Packers last year was to play cover two and keep everything in front of you. Dare the Packers to run knowing their below average run blocking and RB’s weren’t going to gash you consistently. Contain Rodger’s passing attack as much as possible by dropping everyone and take your chances with the Packer run game. I got so tired of watching LB’s backpedaling at the snap. That all changes when you have a couple RB’s that can gash you for big chunks. That in turn helps pass protection, play action, Finley down the seam, etc… Hopefully, it helps the defense also by keeping the Kaepernick’s and Adrian Peterson’s of the NFL on the bench longer!

  6. tangysizzl Says:

    Amen Dave K you absolutely hit the nail on the head. I won’t lie I didn’t even look at Eddie Lacy in any of my predraft information gathering because I didn’t believe TT would take a RB early, I thought DL S or OL Personally I wanted Margus Hunt in the 2nd round badly but Cinci took him 2 picks before GBs pick and ruined my day.

    When TT traded down and only got a 6th rounder for it and then took Lacy I felt like Dave in Tucson disappointed. After scouring the internet for video and scouting reports on Lacy I am thoroughly impressed with the guy, Hes a beast at 230 lbs but hes very agile, he can start and stop quickly, displays good burst, runs without fear and has a wicked spin move that hes very effective with in space and behind the line of scrimmage.

    Despite running behind a pretty damn good OL at Bama he doesn’t need wide open holes to be effective, he has patience, great footwork behind the LOS to let it develop and the vision to see the hole and hit it. He can go through you, over you or around you.

    The injury concerns are real but with his running style im surprised he only missed 2 games in 3 yrs there. He played great in 2012 on his fused big toe which has to be the most concerning of his injuries. Until it becomes a real problem for him, im not gonna worry about it.

    Great pick hopefully he can stay healthy and make TT look like a genius for taking him when Pittsburgh, Cinci, and Denver the 3 teams that took RBs ahead of the Pack in the draft, passed on aLacy.

  7. Dave K Says:

    If you look back at the last 6 games of the season and the playoffs it was amazing how much the Packers actually ran the ball. It certainly wasn’t always effective but they ran the ball more then all but a few teams during that stretch. MM certainly changed his approach during that stretch which I thought was long needed given how teams were playing the Packer offense. We all know what the Packers and Rodgers can do in the air. Let’s see what MM can do with a good stable of RB’s and an off-season of focus on run fits. If we get a little better offensive line play this offense could be outstanding.

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