Packers pick Datone Jones


I like this pick. The highlights look good and I like how the Packers might be able to use him. But what draws me most to this guy are his moves on the line. He seems to have an abnormally quick first step and while I know the NFL is a much faster game, I’m guessing he will be plenty disruptive (ideally playing on the other side of the field from Matthews).


9 Responses to “Packers pick Datone Jones”

  1. Kozmo Says:

    I agree. As much as I wanted them to reach for Lacy, I think this is a more solid pick. The RB just doesn’t hold as much value as it used to. Teams seem to be able to pick up a RB at any point to fill the void at that position. Much like the Packers have done over the last couple years.

  2. RayMidge Says:

    The highlights certainly seem to show a player that is exactly what the Pack needs. Fast and aggressive.

    I think TT probably sees value at RB in the 2nd and 3rd round. I like what i hear about the RB from UCLA, Jonathan Franklin.

  3. Dave in Tucson Says:

    I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating. We need some help at OL way more than we need yet another rookie RB.

    Am I the only one that remembers 51 sacks allowed last year? We need to get a decent o-line that does well at pass and run blocking. Then we can think about getting an RB.


    • RayMidge Says:

      I agree completely. the main problem has been that, for whatever reason, TT simply hasn’t been very good at picking OL. Or I guess I should say that he has been a combination of unlucky (sherrod) and not as good as he is at picking other positions (WR, DB).

  4. DaveK Says:

    Dave- the problem is that their wasn’t a OL left on the board that warranted a first round grade. You don’t reach for one because of need.

    You hate to start Newhouse again at left tackle but hopefully Sherrod or a combination of Bulaga/Barclay solves that issue. You might want to upgrade EDS at center but he clearly held his own last year. Guard is set with Sitton and Lang. They do need depth on the interior but that doesn’t a warrant a reach in round one.

    Despite the high number of sacks in which clearly a fair number was due to Rodgers and not the line this offense was productive enough to win a championship. Defense is the missing cog.

    • Dave in Tucson Says:

      I don’t really have a problem taking a DB in the first round, especially if he can be a guy that helps open up things for CM3.

      I just don’t think we should be taking an RB in the first or second round given the other needs of the team.


      • Dave K Says:

        I agree. Not a great draft for RB’s. Lacy might have some value in the 2nd but he won’t be there when the Packer’s pick. Much rather have a LB, S, C then a RB in round 2.

  5. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Ugh. So we do take a RB in the second round. I hope it works out, but I honestly believe (unless Lacy turns out to be the steal of the draft) the running game problems will continue until the OL gets a lot better than it was last year.

    /me sighs


  6. tangysizzl Says:

    The 26th pick of the draft historically has a low bust rate and has been known to produce some really good players, our own Clay Matthews included. So I was real happy they took Datone Jones in that spot.

    Lot of things to like about this guy but maybe the best thing is, in 2012 he played in a pro style 3-4 defense very similar to ours. So he could very well step right in as a starter and provide instant impact. Watching his 2012 Highlights and seeing him at the Senior Bowl, I think hes got ascending player written all over him.

    This team finally has a legitimate 3-4 DE in terms of strength and length (although his arms could be a bit longer) with the quickness and speed to be a good edge and inside pass rusher. A much needed addition to the defensive line if you ask me.

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