Walden signs $16M deal – really?


Read here. Walden had some OK plays as a Packer, but a 4 year $16M deal with Indy? That doesn’t make much sense to me. The guy is just not very good.

4 Responses to “Walden signs $16M deal – really?”

  1. DaveK Says:

    Wow, $4m a year. You have to wonder if a big chunk of that is money non-guaranteed in years 3 or 4.

    Disappointed Jackson went to Atlanta. I thought he be a nice addition to the offense.

    • Dave in Tucson Says:

      SJax might’ve been an interesting FA to sign, but… how many 30 year old FA RBs have gone to another team and made a real difference? Can you think of any?

      I suspect that the Falcons will find they traded one old wore-out RB for another slightly younger and somewhat less wore-out RB.

      I’d rather see TT either draft somebody, or trade a late-round pick for somebody’s practice squad guy (like he did to get R.Grant)


  2. AZWarrior Says:

    It sounds like SJax did not really want to be here, but rather he and his agent used GB as a bargaining tool to get a better offer from ATL. Regarding Walden, he had some decent pass rush moves, but was too often ineffective at holding the point against the rush. He played very foolishly against SFO’s rush, for example. Bad move to give this guy that kind of coin.

  3. Dave K Says:

    Contract details are out on Walden. Each year he gets $4 million even.

    2013: $1m signing bonus and $3m base salary. (guaranteed)
    2014: $4m base (guaranteed)
    2015: $4m base
    2016: $4m base

    So, it is essentially a $8m/2yr contract with a option for two more years at $4m per year.

    Wow. Well done Eric Walden! That is a better deal then Steven Jackson’s deal with Atlanta with was $4m per year for three years but only $4m guaranteed.

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